The last round of qualification ruined Spain and Barcelona


One of the best young players in the world, Gavi ended his season due to a serious knee injury in the last match of the EURO qualifiers.

Source: B92 Monday, 20.11.2023. | 11:53

Photo: Profimedia

In the last round, Spain played in Valladolid against Georgia (3:1), and in the 26th minute, Gavi was seriously injured.

First, he was hit in the right knee and fell to the turf, but was able to continue the game.

However, in the very next action Gavi tried to stop the ball, he stopped awkwardly and immediately collapsed on the lawn.

He was carried off the field in tears, and now the fans of Spain, but primarily of Barcelona, ​​learned the terrible news.

The first medical findings show that the 19-year-old has torn the cruciate ligament in his right knee, which means the end of the season for him.

In addition to not playing for Barça until the end of the season, he will not play at the EURO either, given that recovery takes six to eight months, and it is clear that he will not be ready for the June games.

The Spanish media also believe that Gavi will not be able to play at the Olympic Games in Paris, which are scheduled for the end of July 2024, after the football European Championship.

“Red Fury” had already secured placement at the European Championship, and with this victory, secured the first place in the group.

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