Ratcliffe’s “broom”, here is the first to leave Manchester United, he has already packed his bags!


The official handover will soon take place in Manchester United, Sir Jim Ratcliffe bought 25% of this club and immediately announced changes in the structures.

Yesterday, a virtual meeting was held between Joel Glazer and Ratcliffe regarding the changes in Manchester United, and the first to be attacked will be director John Murtaugh.

For many, this football expert is the main culprit for Manchester United’s poor results, and it is interesting that he has been at the club for 10 years, he arrived on the recommendation of David Moyes.

He is in charge of many things in the club, his most important role is to find quality players for Manchester United, to create plans for scouting, recruiting players, but nothing went right because there are no results.

Ratcliffe’s “ace up his sleeve” could be Paolo Maldini, which we have already written about, but all the media in England are already writing that Murtaugh is someone who has already packed his bags.

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