Zvezda warmed up for Milan against Sailors


The Red Star basketball players justified their role as favorites against the Sailors in the eighth round of the ABA League – 95:75, and their thoughts have already turned to the duel that awaits them in the Euroleague, against Olympia from Milan. Zvezda will have the advantage of the home floor and the support of a hole full of “Arena”. As a reminder, Zvezda received Mornar in the “Aleksandar Nikolić” hall because the “Arena” was occupied due to Dino Merlin’s concert.

The most effective members of Zvezda were Mike Toby with 16, Marko Simonovic 13, Stefan Lazarevic, Nemanja Nedovic and Rokas Gedraitis with 11 points each. For Mornar, Ty Waller scored 14, Alex Gavrilović 12, Nemanja Vranješ 10 points.

Yannis Sferopoulos, aware of the difference in quality, insisted that the approach to the match be at the highest level, and at the same time he tried to play the guys with less minutes, and rest the players who carried the burden of the previous games on their shoulders.

Mornar played loosely and quickly, but Zvezda won the first part with 29:17, at halftime it led with 52:39, Zvezda controlled the events on the floor without any major problems.

KK Crvena zvezda/Đorđe Kostić

In the continuation, Zvezda increased their advantage, they had a capital of 18 points before the last quarter, and the only dilemma was – what result will end the match, which used to be a derby of the ABA League.

There is no time for rest. Zvezda is expecting a duel with Olimpia from Milan in the 10th round of the Euroleague, and this match is scheduled for November 24, starting at 8:30 p.m. in Belgrade.

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