FIFA pays Barcelona multimillion-dollar compensation for Gavi’s injury


Gavi is only 19 years old and it was clear to everyone that he is an incredible talent, a player who can carry Barcelona’s game, maybe even this season.

He left the match against Georgia in tears in the 27th minute of the game, and Barcelona is, of course, furious.

Apparently, they don’t understand why Gavi had to play the game even though Spain has already qualified for the EURO, and depending on how long the break is, Barcelona could also get compensation.

It will amount to at least 3 million euros through the FIFA program.

If a player is injured on duty with the national team, clubs receive money if the player is out of the protocol and is injured for more than 28 days. After that, you get 20,548 euros for each day, and you can go up to a maximum of 365 days.

About 3 million is for 6 months of absence, if it is 8 months as expected, Barcelona will earn 4,315,080 euros.

The article is in Serbian

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