Serbian chess players are European champions!

Serbian chess players are European champions!
Serbian chess players are European champions!

The men’s chess team of Serbia is the champion of Europe!

In the round before the end of the European Team Championship, Serbia shared first place. In the last, ninth round, Miodrag Perunović’s team defeated Greece 3:1 and thus achieved great success and European gold.

In the decisive duel, it started with the defeat suffered by Aleksandr Predke against Nicolas Theodorou (0:1), but it continued in the best possible way.

Aleksej Sarana defeated Dimitros Mastrovasilis (1:0), Aleksandar Indjić was better than Stamatis Korokolos-Arditis (1:0), and Velimir Ivić confirmed a great triumph with a victory against Evgonis Janidis (1:0).

With a total of 15 points, the same as second-placed Germany, Serbia became the team champion of Europe. Third place went to Armenia, which had 13 points.

Maybe the result doesn’t show it, but the last round brought a lot of excitement. In the end, compared to the Germans, who were equal in points, Serbia was “pushed” towards the gold by the Icelanders.

It was important that, in addition to Serbia’s victory over Greece, Iceland did not lose to Turkey, so that the other criteria would be on the side of the Serbian chess players. Germany is the only one that managed to beat Serbia in nine rounds (in the third round), but it didn’t help that they finished the competition undefeated.

Serbia’s historic success was brought by: Aleksandr Predke 4½/8, Aleksej Sarana 6/8, Aleksandar Inđić 5/8, Robert Markuš 4/6 and Velimir Ivić 4½/6.

Table: Serbia and Germany 15, Armenia 13, Poland and the Czech Republic 12, England, France, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Georgia and Greece 11…

In the women’s competition, the team from Bulgaria celebrated, and it was also their first gold medal!

Serbian female chess players, consisting of Teodora Injac, Adela Velikić, Marina Gajčin and Jovana Erić, took eighth place.

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