Olimpija – Partizan: Live broadcast

Olimpija – Partizan: Live broadcast
Olimpija – Partizan: Live broadcast

Photo: aba-liga.com/Cedevita Olimpija/Filip Barbalic

Even after 5 years, Partizan basketball players did not manage to defeat Cedevita Olimpija, this time they were defeated in Ljubljana 95:91 in the match of the 8th round of the ABA League.

Everything that was seen in some previous matches between the two teams was repeated this evening in Ljubljana. Both teams took turns in the lead, the game was fast and efficient, and in the end, as in the previous few matches, the home team in Stožice won. Interestingly, the last time, black and white celebrated against Olympia in December 2018!

In this match, Jaka Blažič and Klemen Prepelić were in a particularly good mood in the winning team. Blazic was the team’s top scorer with 29 points, followed by Prepelic with 19 and Jones with 18 points. In the defeated team, Kaminski stood out with 20 points, Leday scored 17, and Dowzer scored 14.

From the start of the match, neither one nor the other team managed to gain a significant advantage and lead. Partizan was the one that was constantly in the lead, and Ledej, Kaminski and Avramović were in a good mood. Also, the entry of Cabocl further strengthened the defense, so Cedevita Olimpija gradually weakened and had -9. Thus, at the beginning of the second part, after 23:27, black and white quickly enter the series and reach 32:23.

By the middle of the second part, there was a quick response from the home team. The advantage of the black and whites was promptly annulled by the triples of Prepelic and then Blazic, so, after 37:37, the coach of the black and whites Željko Obradović asked for a time-out in order to shake up his players. However, that did not happen.

Avramović’s injury did not help the black and whites either, who got a cut on his nose after one of the duels and then went to the locker room.

Video: Avramović’s nose was broken, the black and white defender had to go to the dressing room: Bad luck for Partizan in Ljubljana

By halftime, Prepelič and Blažič played and brought a minimal advantage to their team 51:50. How “fatal” the duo of Cedevita Olimpija was for the defense of Partizan can be seen from the fact that the two made a total of six three-pointers from 11 attempts.

HALFTIME: @KKCedOL@PartizanBC 51:50.@JakaBlazic 16 | @FSKPart3 9


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