Panata asked Siner to do what he criticized Novak for

Panata asked Siner to do what he criticized Novak for
Panata asked Siner to do what he criticized Novak for

Adriano Panatta, a former Italian tennis player, cannot come to terms with the successes of Novak Djokovic.

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Quite a number of times, Panata expressed his mild dislike for the Serbian tennis player.

A few days ago, in a match in the group stage against Siner, commentating the match live on state television RAI, Panata criticized Novak.

Have you ever seen Federer or Nadal act the way Djokovic did tonight? I could bet he would ask for a break just to break his rhythm, he always does. First he goes to the toilet, then there is a physiotherapist. He tries everything. I don’t like his behavior at allPanata said then.

During the broadcast of the final, Panatta, who won Roland Garros in 1976, advised Sinner to do the same thing he had accused Novak of just days earlier.

In Siner’s place, if Djokovic wins this game, I’d go p…m, see if it disrupts his rhythm!” said Panata.

RAI commentator Fiochetti answered him.

Janik is too fair a player to do such a thing“.

In the end, Panata had to accept the defeat of Sinner, but he stubbornly refuses to draw a line under it all.

The first set, Novak dominated, even at the beginning of the second. After the match, what can I say, 6:3 is not fair, Sinner could have come back, but he made too many mistakes in the few opportunities he had. Today he was not as focused as in the earlier days. Djokovic won this tournament seven times, that’s a lot. But the story does not end here“, he alluded to the possible Davis Cup final between Serbia and Italy.

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