The famous tennis expert hit out at the Western media: They belittle Novak’s success


Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic won a record eighth Final Masters trophy in his career.

However, it was not enough to be the main tennis news in many Western media, which Nikola Pilić spoke about for “Kurir”.

– I have been repeating since last year that Nole is the GOAT and I will repeat and say that until everyone starts saying it. Of the 20 or 21 tournaments Djokovic plays in a year, five or six tournaments he plays in sixth gear, and when he plays like that, it doesn’t even matter who is on the other side. Djokovic showed that he is still above Alcaraz and Siner and that is primarily due to his mental strength and self-confidence. I keep saying that there are two records that, in my understanding of tennis, are unattainable, they are Nadal’s 14 titles at Roland Garros and Novak’s 400 weeks in first place, which will be 410 until the Australian Open. I have been watching tennis for 65 years and these are all-time records – begins the story of the tennis expert for “Kurir”.

The Western world, as well as the audience wherever Novak plays, does not recognize him as the best of all time, but after the match with Siner, they had no choice but to pay homage to the greatest.

– The Western press belittles Novak’s every success and they don’t want to accept that he is the GOAT, and that is already a finished story. Today I received a German magazine and on the cover is Federer in a tuxedo. What will Federer do on the front page the day after the tournament in Turin? With due respect for everything he has done, he has already been in a well-deserved retirement for a year. That’s their belittling, but in vain, Novak won and called them “arriveders” guys – says Pilić.

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