In 2008, Nadal told Ivanova what made her feat even more impressive


Ana Ivanovi joined the discussion about who is the best tennis player of all time (GOAT).

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The former world number 1 revealed an interesting anecdote from 13 years ago that can confirm that it is Novak Okovi.

Ivanovieva revealed that Rafael Nadal told her in 2008.

In 2008, Ivanovieva played the final of the Australian Open and won Roland Garros and became number 1, where she stayed for 12 weeks.

However, the pressure and pressure she was under after that success had a negative impact on her career, so she only reached the first quarterfinal of a Grand Slam in 2012, and the first semifinal of the aforementioned title in 2015.

She retired from tennis in December 2016, stating that she was no longer able to play at the highest level.

“I remember Rafa saying to me in 2008, ‘I don’t know how much I have left,’ and here he is, Novak, fighting. The fact that Novak is so strong and healthy is really fascinating to me, all the best for that.”she said Ana Ivanovi in the “Alesto” podcast.

“Definitely, we all mature and age brings its own, experiences. He has definitely changed. And he is somehow a man, he is no longer a child and that is who we were when we were 18 years old. I think we are all constantly changing”.

okovi started his 400th week at the top of the ATP list on Monday, and after that he won the Final Masters in Turin for a record seventh time.

“Honestly, we didn’t think it would last that long. What’s really fascinating to me is how he manages to keep the body fit and healthy. It’s a hard sport, it has a big impact on the body, we can see it from Roder and Rafa.” says Ivanovieva.

Ivanovieva is half a year younger than the former, and while she retired in 2016, Novak still rules the tennis courts.

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