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Crvena zvezda routinized Mornar (95:75) and after the 8th round of the ABA League, it was alone at the head of the table (7-1).

Janis Sferopoulos, according to the development of the situation at the match, only commented on the duel played in the hall “Aleksandar Nikolić” within the expected phrases.

– We played the game professionally. We wanted to win, we managed to rotate the players, everyone played. First of all, we wanted to play Marko Simonović, who was absent for a long time. We managed all this. We started seriously from the very start, we also had a focus on defense, in general I am satisfied with the game played – said the Greek.

The head coach of Zvezda believes that his players can make a lot of progress in fulfilling defensive tasks.

– We are working on playing better game by game, above all in defense. As for the attack, you can see that the players are working together, we have talent. We work well in attack, we play as a team. For me, the most important thing is to improve the defense, play well, but I know we can do better and we are working on it.

The proven expert emphasized the condition of the injured players.

He started first by analyzing Adam Hanga’s condition.

– Hanga went to his personal doctor to get a new opinion on the situation with his knee. He got permission from the club. We communicate with him. let’s see what the situation is. We will see when he will return, we will all decide together when he will play because he still feels pain in his knee – revealed Sferopoulos, saying that Lazic has started training.

Branko Lazić started training, but without contact. We still don’t know when he will be back. If everything goes well, soon, but I can’t say precisely.

As for Shabazz Napier, it is not yet known when he will play again, after suffering a nose injury in the duel with Fenerbahce.

– As for Shabazz, a special mask was made. He started non-contact training but still has swelling around his nose. We are waiting for the swelling to subside and only then will we be able to know exactly when they will play – Sferopoulos finished his presentation.

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