Nenad Lalatović he returned to Serbian football. An experienced coach took over Spartak Subotica. In an extensive interview for Telegraf, he talked about many topics (career, Zvezda, Partizan), and a particularly interesting part was the one about the time after leaving Radnicki from Nis.

Unexpectedly left the Chair, and his longtime assistant Dragan Sharac he decided to stay and take over Nislije:

Me Šarca now, I’m over it, I wish you all the best. It doesn’t matter to me, now, for example, I have 10 people who call me every day to work with me. What do I need associates for? I only needed Sharac for analysis, and he did it well. Sarac didn’t bring me anything during training. He can be your collaborator, I decide on the training. I really had a lot of collaborators and then the money had to be justified. Dragan Šarac, Vidak Bratić, Jovanić and Vještica. And Nenad Lalatović. When this boss comes and says: “Hello, these are four of your associates.” Now, they also have to do something on the field. And then people think, and maybe they also present themselves as “me this, me that.” Of course, I ask myself at every training session, I manage fitness, I talk about tactics. Everything is done the way I want. Maybe he wanted to present (Sarac) how he did it all. Unfortunately, I really loved him a lot and I quit my first job because of Dragan Sarac, when he asked me out, he got fired and cried – story Lalatovic on this painful topic:

I was such a friend that I quit my job because of him, and I didn’t have a club. After that, Kruševac wanted me, so I came to Zvezda. We hired that man’s wife as well, she got a job from my family and my family signed him up for a pro license, he worked with me for 11 years. I just told him: “Shaki, let’s go together, we came together, we’re going together, and I’ll praise you and say, Dragan Sarac is a great coach and take the club. After everything we’ve been through, it’s brotherly that we go together.” He said, “No, I want to stay.” Shaky, don’t, please do that to me, it hurts me a lot. I can’t believe what it’s doing to me. I don’t need you, go, I will praise you with all my mouth, but I can’t emotionally, it was very hard for me that he betrayed me there. I could not forgive that, because I would never do that to him. But well, I’m over it now, I loved him very much, we worked together for 11 years.

Now that all of that is somehow over, Lalatovic points out that he has no contact with him.

– No, no, no, he is dead to me. He’s dead, I told him, you’re dead to me, don’t ever call my phone number again, I didn’t deserve you. Now if he needed help, he would help again, that’s how I am. I don’t want to hear from him like this, but now if someone tells me that Dragan Sarac needs help, do it for him, I would do it, I wouldn’t like to see him, but I would help him, I would definitely help him. That’s me, it stuck with me for a while, I’m over it, I’m that kind of guy, now I would help him again and I really wish him all the best. To find a club, to be a good coach, I think he can, I think he made a mistake and that’s why he made that streak of nine defeats in 11 matches. He couldn’t and they traded him in the last round to stay in the league. And that may cost him a long time in his coaching career, but I really want him to find a club, and I know, Shaki has a family, I wish him the best, we were like brothers. Somewhere in my heart he hurt me, but I still love him in a way. However, I will not forget that. I would help him again, I would definitely help him. Now if someone told me that I can influence now, I would say yes. But I won’t see him.

You can read the whole interview HERE.

The article is in Serbian



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