Freddy Guarin beat his parents, took drugs and lost his fortune – now he’s begging for forgiveness in tears

Freddy Guarin beat his parents, took drugs and lost his fortune – now he’s begging for forgiveness in tears
Freddy Guarin beat his parents, took drugs and lost his fortune – now he’s begging for forgiveness in tears
Former Colombian footballer Freddy Guarin shocked the football public with a new post on social networks.

Everyone remembers Guarin for his games in Porto and Inter, he also played well in the jersey of the Colombian national team, for which he played at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. However, in recent years his life has completely changed, and Guarin is now filling the headlines of the tabloids because of his scandalous behavior.

Last year, the football world was horrified by the news that Guarin had been arrested after a video emerged showing blood on his trousers, followed by reports that he had beaten up his parents. After finishing his career, Guarin completely disappeared from the scene, and his current appearance shocked everyone because he no longer looks like someone who was serious about football and played at the highest possible level a few years ago. Guarin indulged in alcohol and drugs, which ruined his life, and his parents tried to help him, but they also had problems. Although he is only 36 years old, it is truly amazing what he has done to himself and how he looks today.

However, the former Inter midfielder found himself back in the spotlight after he posted a photo on Instagram where he was crying, and then showed everyone with a heartbreaking message that he really is in a difficult situation.

– Hello everyone, today I want to show you all what I am like, with an open heart and without the intention of gaining new followers and making you feel sorry for me. I do this with the intention of helping at least one person – began Guarin and continued.

– My life has completely changed. The tears you see in the photo are from a man full of vices, mistakes, sins and many other things. My people, it is time to open the door to God and let him guide us on the right path. God has already forgiven me and I forgive myself. If someone disagrees with this message, I understand. Don’t stop dreaming, let forgiveness be with love and from God. God bless you today and encourage you. Never too late…

Guarin came to Europe in the summer of 2006 when he signed for Saint Etienne, and later moved to Porto where he played excellently. At the beginning of 2012, he arrived at Inter, where he played for four years.

From Inter in early 2016, he went to Shanghai Shenhua for 13 million euros, where he earned huge money in three seasons. He later went to Vasco da Gama, and returned to Colombia two years ago and signed for Millionarios.

However, after only half a year in this club, he terminated his contract and ended his career, and then the decline began. He devoted himself to vices and almost destroyed his family, but it seems that he finally realized that he could not do it like that and sought help.

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