SHOCK The best football player in the history of Iran sentenced to DEATH? The reason is extremely bizarre

Former Iranian national team player Ali Daei (53) was sentenced to death, the Azerbaijani Report reported.

They claim that Daei was sentenced to death for taking part in protests over the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Kurdish woman who was arrested after allegedly violating the country’s dress code. Her death was announced on September 16.

The relevant world media did not report the news that Daei was sentenced to death, and the leadership of the Iranian state did not comment on this information.

Daei is the former captain and top scorer in the history of the Iranian national football team.

At the end of September, he called on the Iranian government to “solve the problems of the Iranian people instead of using repression, violence and arrests.”

– Daei’s passport was confiscated because of what he wrote on Instagram – reported the reformist newspaper Hamihan.

Played for Bayern

– What happened to Ali is regrettable. Ali gave his whole life to raise the Iranian flag, he loves his country and its people and always speaks the truth – said his brother Muhammad.

Daei was one of the first Iranian players to compete in European leagues, playing for German clubs Arminia, Bayern Munich and Hertha Berlin. He played 149 games in the national team and scored a record 109 goals.


The European Football Union (UEFA) has fined Bayern Munich and Celtic for offensive fan banners at Champions League matches.


The coach of Bayern Munich, Julian Nagelsmann, commented on the situation surrounding his team’s forward Sadio Mane.

FC Bayern (PHOTO: epa)


The players of Bayern defeated Werder with a big 6:1 and were alone at the head of the Bundesliga table.

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