The Swiss judged his own – Cameroon like Jekyll and Hyde – News – Qatar 2022 – Sport

The Swiss judged his own – Cameroon like Jekyll and Hyde – News – Qatar 2022 – Sport
The Swiss judged his own – Cameroon like Jekyll and Hyde – News – Qatar 2022 – Sport

The players of Switzerland defeated Cameroon with a minimal score (1:0) in the first match of Group G at the World Cup.

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Switzerland, Cameroon

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Group G, first round of the World Cup
Switzerland – Cameroon 1:0 (0:0)
Embolo 48
Stadium: Al Janoub (Al Wakra)
Judge: Facundo Tello (Argentina)

This continued the black series of Cameroon, and this is the eighth defeat in a row for that team at the World Cup. The streak, which dates back to 2002, is surpassed only by Mexico with nine.

The Swiss opened the match somewhat better. The ball was at their feet most of the time, but nothing concrete came of it.

After a ten-minute lethargy, the African team woke up, and by the end of the first 45 minutes, they would show enough to know how they can mess up anyone’s accounts. The fantastic transition play of Rigoberto Song’s team will be the main weapon in the attack.

Only one pass is enough to “open” the opponent’s defense, after which the genetic predispositions come into play, that is, the fast feet of the Cameroonians, which were elusive for Elvedi and Akandzi.

That was the case in the 10th minute when Brian Embuemo received the ball in the area, and his shot had power, but not precision. “He beat” directly at Jan Zomer, who placed his hands to protect his face, after which the ball bounced to Karl Tok Ekambi, but the Lyon striker kicked over the goal from a good position.

Switzerland: Sommer – Widmer, Akanji, Elvedi, Rodriguez (from 90. Sommer) – Xhaka, Frewler, Sou (from 71. Fry) – Vargas (from 81. Reeder), Embolo (from 71. Seferovic), Shaqiri (from 71. Okafor)

Cameroon: Onana – Fai, Castelletto, Enkulu, Tolo – Angisa, Um, Hongla (from 68. Ondu) – Embeumo (from 81. Ngamale), Shupo Motan (from 74. Abubakar), Ekambi (from 74. Enkudu)

Opportunities continued to line up like on a treadmill. The team’s first star Eric Shupo Moting had the next one after a slightly weaker example from the opposing stopper. The player in the form of life took advantage of that, took the ball away from him and managed to send a shot. He also asked for a penalty in that situation, but the head referee from Argentina instead decided to return the ball back and award them to the Swiss due to the dangerous play of the Bayern player.

This did not slow down the Cameroonians, who combined too much in certain situations when they should have just “grabbed” the ball, primarily Mbeumo and Anzhisa. A lesson was learned from that by Martin Hogla, who tried his shot from an unfavorable angle, but even his sloppy attempt was enough to cause confusion in front of Switzerland’s goal after Sommer managed to deflect the ball in front of him. That action didn’t bring anything more, as well as the one five minutes later when they once again had an opportunity from the counter, but Widmer brilliantly took the ball in front of Toko Ekambi in a situation that would surely have brought a goal.

The Swiss tried, but with much less intensity. It was stormy in the finish in front of Onana’s goal, first when Embolo came into the shooting zone, but was “neutralized” by Jean-Charles Costelleto, and then in the calm of the first part of the game when Akanji tried after a corner. There was no change in the result and with that it went to break.

Murat Jakin’s players continued in an identical manner, for which they were rewarded three minutes after the start of the resumption. More precisely, they were rewarded by the Cameroonians with a disastrous defense.

Group G, 1st round
Switzerland – Cameroon 1:0 (0:0)

Embolo 48
20.00 Brazil – Serbia

Đerdan Šaćiri crossed the ground, the ball went slowly and found Bril Embola alone in the box. It was not a difficult task for the Monaco striker to give his team the advantage, but it is incomprehensible how the player was left alone and there he was left by the most experienced in the defense of Cameroon, Nicolas Nkulu. He did not want the player born in Yaoundé to celebrate a goal against his country of origin.

They didn’t learn anything from that, so 20 minutes later, Ruben Vargas was left alone in a similar position, but his shot managed to be saved by Andre Onan, who left his team in the game on several occasions.

It meant little to the team that had a Jekyll and Hyde episode in the second half, so they will have little to hope for in the rest of the tournament if they are so psychologically disturbed by one conceded goal.

They will have their next opportunity against Serbia in four days, and before that, the Eagles will play Brazil later in the day (20:00).

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