As Borjan said when he found out that he was going to play against Croatia

As soon as the groups for the World Cup were drawn, it was clear that in Group F, the match between Croatia and Canada would attract a lot of attention, at least when it comes to the media in the neighborhood.

The reason is clear – Milan Borjan on the goal of the Canadians.

The goalkeeper of Red Star was repeatedly the subject of media in the neighborhood in texts in which he was labeled as a “star who says he was not born in Croatia, but in Serbian Dalmatia and Krajina”, as well as insulting comments on portals and social networks.

– That says a lot about them. Insults, threats and such a dose of primitivism. I have a lot of friends from Croatia and I never looked at who was from where. I will always be proud of the place of my birth. When I was born in 1987, I was born in Republika Srpska Krajina and I will always be proud of that. Everyone has the right to think differently. They can hate me, they can love me, but they can never change my affiliation and birthplace – Borjan told Kurir immediately after the draw.

photo: EPA/Tolga Bozoglu

In April of this year, the goalkeeper of Canada said that he expects support from Serbia as well.

– Of course he will cheer for Canada! I am the captain of the biggest Serbian football club, I made a lot of success with Crvena Zvezda and of course all Serbs, not only my fellow Krajis, will support me and Canada. Not only against Croatia, but also against Belgium and Morocco – he said Borjan who pointed out that the team will try to beat every rival in the group.

In the first match, Canada was defeated by Belgium with a score of 1:0, although it made an excellent impression.

The match against Croatia will be played on Sunday at 5:00 p.m., and the chances of qualifying for the next stage will depend on it. Milan Borjan and his teammates go to the third round where they will face Morocco.

The very atmosphere before the match between Croatia and Canada is even hotter after the statement of the Canadian coach, John Herdman, about which our neighbors are furious, quite justifiably.

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