Cottages in the Serbian mountains are increasingly being sold, with prices starting at 26,000 euros

The prices of summer cottages in Serbia start at 26,000 euros, which is the price of those in Divčibare, and even over 150,000 much is necessary to cash out for this type of real estate on Fruška Gora, Katarina Kuzmanović, head of real estate classifieds at, tells Kurir.

On Zlatibor, the cheapest cottage costs 78,000 euros, and on Kopaonik 75,000 euros. The closer you are to Belgrade and Novi Sad, the higher the prices, so on Kosmaj, cottages cost from 100,000 euros and up. Although it officially belongs to the municipality of Inđija, The town of Čortanovci at the foot of Fruška Gora is very popular as a weekend resort and there the prices are a bit more favorable, so cottages can be bought for a minimum of thirty thousand euros – says Kuzmanović, adding that the minimum rent for cottages is 20 euros, but that is very rare:

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Usual prices start from 40 euros, but the amount depends on the number of people who will be staying as well as on the season, and of course, the prices are always higher on holidays. The most expensive rental of cottages starts from several hundred eurosand even up to several thousand eurosbut in this second case it is about luxury houses that are rented out for a day or two for a larger number of people or for the organization of some events.

The most expensive is currently on Kosmaj, where a cottage of over 100 square meters with a pool costs 2,000 euros. The house is completely new, it also has a large terrace, furniture and a jacuzzi.


Renting entire cottages is not as popular as renting individual apartments, but it is in demand.

Kuzmanović also assesses that people they both buy and rent this type of real estate.

– The buying trend has significantly increased in the last three years and I think it will continue in the future, and a lot of these purchased properties are taken as an investment and to be rented out, so we can certainly expect a better offer of cottages for rent, that is, one pulls the other. Lately, short-term rental of luxury cottages for bachelorette parties, team building and the like has been very popular.

On the classifieds you can find cottages on all Serbian mountains, but the best offer is on the most popular – Zlatibor, Kopaonik, Divčibaram, Kosmaj…


– The offer is diverse, you have houses, that is, cottages that are in more urban areas, closer to the mountain center, then those that are isolated and surrounded by forest, and real log cabins are often on offer. Smaller or larger square footage, those that are for a family or those that already contain apartments and an elaborate rental business.

Zlatibor, Kopaonik and Divčibare lead the way in terms of popularity, but recently also Tara. There is great interest in locations in near Belgrade and Novi Sad, for buying houses and cottages near Avala, Kosmaj, Fruška gora and in Čortanovci, which are in the foothills and are one of the most sought-after locations for shopping – says Kuzmanović, pointing out that in addition to the mountains, other tourist spots are also popular, and that spas take first place:


– We offer cottages in Banja Vrdnik, Vrnjačka Banja, Sokobanja. Along with spas, Srebrno jezero and Perućac have become extremely attractive in the last two years. The rafts on Perućac are very interesting.

Most popular locations

  • Zlatibor
  • Kopaonik
  • Divcibare
  • Kosmaj
  • Tara

Our interlocutor also reminds that they after the corona, the prices of cottages started to increase price and when it comes to rent and sale.


  • 410,000 euros, the most expensive cottage sold in Sremska Kamenica

– After the pandemic, prices rose in an average of up to 50 percent, but some locations also recorded a greater increase. The main expansion of demand, and therefore the price of real estate, was two years ago, however, demand is still high. It seems to me that it is more often bought for personal use than for rental, because people from bigger cities are also the main buyers who want a quieter life and stay in nature – Kuzmanović explains:

Katarina Kuzmanović, Predrag Mladenović
photo: Kurir TV

The most sold holiday homes in the first half of 2022.

  • 87 in India
  • 43 in Novi Sad
  • 33 in Beocin, Zrenjanin and Irig

The real estate market in most of Serbia is expanding, I think there will be more in the coming years, and given that due to inflation, investing in real estate is more profitable today than saving money, I think that cottages, or any real estate in the mountains and in tourist centers, are a good choice.


Mountain house on Zlatibor

Price 1,600,000 euros

The most expensive “mountain” house currently on the Sasomanga classifieds is located in Zlatibor and costs as much as 1,600,000 euros for 377 square meters. However, such a house is more than a cottage – it has apartments ready for rent and is not for those who would only use the house occasionally for their own needs.

Our people, as well as foreigners, travel around Serbia, discover new places and the property you buy you can always rent. Also, prices are rising, if you bought today at one price, chances are high that you will be able to sell it at a higher price in the next period.


A worthwhile investment

Who buys cottages

– The biggest buyers of cottages are families with children, mostly young families with small children. They decide to shop outside the cities, first of all because of the high air pollution in big cities, and then because of the children’s stay in nature. Most often, they are looking for cottages that are far from the rest of the village, and there are walking paths, forests…

Our people from abroad, as well as citizens of neighboring countries, are also interested in investing in real estate in the mountains, but more through the purchase of apartments than entire cottages. People from the IT sector invest money in summer cottages as investment projects or for their own living because their work often allows them to work outside the office – says Katarina Kuzmanović.

He also points out that buying cottages is definitely worth it.


– Having a place where you can go at any time without paying for your stay is a great way to save money. As for cottages in tourist areas, the rental price per day is from minimum 60 euros, and in better equipped holiday homes and several hundred and even thousands of euros per day in the season.

Popular during the season

Fruška gora and Zlatibor the most expensive

Katarina Kuzmanović also says that renting cottages is always popular, especially seasonally.

Fruska Gora
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– Depending on the location, cottages are mostly rented out in time of summer and winter season, especially when there are children’s vacations and public holidays. In the vicinity of Belgrade and Novi Sad, when we are talking about Vrdnik, Fruška gora or Kosmaj, the most sought-after holiday homes are in the spring, until autumn – from mid-April to mid-October. One-time rental of houses, i.e. rental by the day, is becoming more and more popular. Zlatibor and Fruška gora lead the way when it comes to rental prices, Fruška gora with luxury houses.


As for sales, again Zlatibor, but lately the concept of luxury weekend settlements in Kosmaj and near Avala, where prices are high and still rising, is also current.

Taking this issue price, under full capacity on a monthly basis, the minimum profit would be over 1,000 euros. AK



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