Biden confused in front of reporters | Info

Biden confused in front of reporters | Info
Biden confused in front of reporters | Info

US President Joseph Biden got confused in front of reporters at a press conference.

Source: Twitter/Printscreen/@Gigi_Kaiser

In a video from the Global Fund conference that was published on Twitter, US President Joe Biden can be seen walking to and from the lectern, then back again. Everything happened after he gave his speech. He then started to get off the stage, only to suddenly stop and look around in confusion. According to the Daily Mail, Biden appeared to be asking people in the audience how to get off.

Adding to the confusion was a man who came up to the microphone and said to Biden, “Uh, Mr. President, thank you,” causing Biden, who had slowly reached the end of the stage, to stop, turn and give him a confused look. Texas Senator Ted Cruz commented: “It was a terrible moment”.

Watch the video of a confused Biden:

The comments that followed assessed this situation as one more in a series of gaffes made by the US president (79), such as when he mixed up the names of current and former South Korean leaders during his first presidential trip to East Asia, or when he called Ukrainians “Iranians” during an address to Congress “. He shocked the world public when he called Vice President Kamala Harris “President Harris” several times. One gaffe came when he expressed his condolences to an American family when he said their family member “squirmed.” His predecessor, Donald Trump, has no kind words for Biden and said he has dementia.

Many believe that the president is too old and in frail health to run again. However, he does not give up on the idea. In an interview with CBS News, when asked if he would run again, he answered: “Just watch me.”


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