The play Who Killed Janis Joplin? On October 3, in the SNP

The play Who Killed Janis Joplin? On October 3, in the SNP
The play Who Killed Janis Joplin? On October 3, in the SNP

The play “Who Killed Janis Joplin?” is imbued with intrigues that take the audience back to the seventies of the last century, to a hotel room where Janis Joplin died at the age of 27.

Through her life story, the play draws a parallel with the position of women in society today, 52 years after the death of the main character.

The author of the play, Tijana Grumić, says that the theater is the only medium in which Janis Joplin can be given a voice to finally tell her story.

“Everything we know about Janice today, other than her deeply moving and moving music, is what we hear from people who (think they) knew her, through various interviews, books and films. That’s why this piece was created – it was written for the theater. It doesn’t matter if the story is true, based on facts or chronologically consistent, the important thing is that the story is finally hers,” said Grumic.

The director Sonja Petrović described this performance as a tribute to a woman who came to her end in order to make a new beginning, a tribute to music that new generations do not know about and a tribute to the emotions from which her music was born.

“When I thought about making a play about a person who was my role model and inspiration in my teenage years, I always thought of her as two people. Her duality is evident; her two characters and her two stories. One story about an insecure, to a gentle, unaccepted and unprotected girl and the other about the brave, aggressive originator of a new list of criteria for women. One for which she lived and the other for which she died,” Petrović explained.

The performance of the play “Who Killed Janis Joplin” is also a tribute to the Exit Theater project, within which plays were part of the festival in the first years. The goal is for the Exit Festival program to be expanded to include this branch of art in the future.

The story of Jenis Joplin will be brought to the stage by Bojana Milanović, Sonja Isailović, Stefan Vukić, Dimitrije Aranđelović, Vukašin Ranđelović, Petar Banjac, Filip Grubač and Igor Sakač. The author and performing team consists of director Sonja Petrović, author Tijana Grumić, playwright Nikolina Đukanović, scenographer Željko Piškorić, costume designer Senka Ranosavljević, choreographer Mira Beba Dobrinković, while Tihomir Boroja will take care of the lighting design.

The play has so far won numerous awards, the most significant of which are “Step in Courage” at the Theater Fest in Banja Luka, as well as the Audience Award of the 65th Sterija Theater for the best play.

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