I will offer new solutions and dialogue

I will offer new solutions and dialogue
I will offer new solutions and dialogue

Aleksandar Vučić (Photo: TANJUG/ MILOŠ MILIVOJEVIĆ)

– I will try to speak in a conciliatory language, offer new solutions and new things and invite those who think differently to dialogue. Not because I’m weak, you wouldn’t believe my inner strength today and yesterday. I have unusual peace and my role will change from Monday. We will have a rally and I will talk about it – Vučić told TV Pink.

He added that in democracies not everyone can think the same, it is normal that there are more demonstrations, but it is normal that these tensions are resolved by elections.

– There is a procedure for replacing the president and you have to collect the signatures of two-thirds of the deputies. They don’t have that and I told them that I would help them with that, but then there is a referendum and if the people say they are in favor of removing the president, I am removed. But if the people say that they are not, then they are in a problem – pointed out Vučić.

He pointed out that there are clearly prescribed legal procedures in Serbia and that there will be no Maidan and occupation of buildings in Serbia.

– We also let them go last time, not because we can’t save the Assembly, but to see who is carrying out the violence and for people to see that we are trying to explain to them in words that they are not committing criminal acts. Only when the ears in the Assembly started to collapse, the police reacted. It was the same with RTS – reminded Vučić.

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