America is at war against Russia in Ukraine

America is at war against Russia in Ukraine
America is at war against Russia in Ukraine

Nikola Petrushev (photo: EPA-EFE/MAXIM SHIPENKOV)

– Everyone in the West says that Russia and Ukraine are at war with each other. Nothing like that. The USA is at war against Russia, and in doing so they use the potential of NATO, the European Union, they use the capabilities of the armed formations of Ukraine, especially the neo-Nazis, which, I emphasize, they created themselves – Patrushev said after the international meeting on security held in Podmoskovlje, under the auspices of the Security Council of Russia.

Patrushev also pointed out that the USA thinks they can “deal with Russia” in order to then attack China as the second center of the multipolar world.

– Of course, the USA wants to weaken Russia, but not only Russia is the center of the multipolar world, but also China. If they think they can deal with Russia, their next task, which is difficult to solve simultaneously, is China. We also know what they are doing now on China’s border with Taiwan. All in all, it is difficult to disagree with China’s position on Taiwan – said Patrushev.

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