“Shut up and bear it, I don’t want to hear a word”

“Shut up and bear it, I don’t want to hear a word”
“Shut up and bear it, I don’t want to hear a word”

Jovana Tomić Matora and Anita Stanojlović got married on July 11 of this year, and they are currently in a reality show, in an argument because of the fraud that Anita committed.



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Anita allegedly did not want to swear her eternal love to Matora at the wedding, and the former reality TV participant Matea Car recently revealed her correspondence with Anita, which left Tomić in a state of disarray for days, and she even asked for a divorce.

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Anita and Matora

However, when it became the main topic in the reality show, Anita mentioned Sandra Rešić and Ermina Pašović and claimed that the two of them had an argument over rapper Vuk Mob. On that occasion, Ermina spoke up and revealed the conflict she had with Anita.

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Matora and Ermine

– Eh like this, obviously it can’t be any other way! Two days before the wedding, I was already in Bar, with Vuk and his mom, and it’s no secret that I live with them when I’m in Belgrade, I’ve said it several times in TV shows. The night before the wedding, I hung a story from the car about us going to Budva: Desingerica, his wife, Vuk and me. Who ate who or should have?! It was not a topic! The argument happened exclusively between me and Anita regarding makeup, why?! It happened because Matora paid the godmother, Anita’s aunt, Tijana an iPhone and as Rešićka, where I said: “Wonderful, as far as I remember, I send a fistful and a cap every time when they are in the “Cooperative”, and they didn’t remember to ask me “. I wouldn’t even accept it, and that’s where I stuck Anita. You brought in your aunt and the others, who is she to decide what to do with Matora’s money and I told her: “Reality can play with them, not with me” and threw everything in her face – he wrote on his Instagram account, and then she published a correspondence with Tomić, in which it is clearly seen that she defends her partner and warns Ermina that Anita will soon become her wife, and that she expects her to treat her decently.

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Matora and Ermine

– Shut up, just shut up. Come here – Matora said.

– I would drown her in the pool, Jovana – she pointed out Ermine.

– Listen, at my wedding you have to be silent and suffer. That’s my wife, I don’t want to hear a word. Tell me what you have – added Jovana.

– All the best! I apologized because of you, otherwise I wouldn’t have apologized if it was my birth mother because I am 100% right – Pašović wrote.

– My wedding, shut up and don’t fuck. Should I beg you? Don’t s**t anymore, come down – Matora told her.

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