Kurti would like to issue ultimatums, if the EU proposal “leaks” – chaos

Kurti would like to issue ultimatums, if the EU proposal “leaks” – chaos
Kurti would like to issue ultimatums, if the EU proposal “leaks” – chaos

Foreign policy commentator Dragan Blagojević believes that the EU and the US know that “chaos” would break out if the European Union’s proposal for an agreement between Belgrade and Pristina was “leaked” to the public. Journalist and publicist Dragan Bisenić says that Kosovo Prime Minister Aljbin Kurti believes that those who are convening the dialogue support the independence of Kosovo, but differ with them in the manner, dynamics and steps taken.

“This assures Kurti that he can always issue an ultimatum or act as if Kosovo is independent,” said Bisenić in the Novi Dan program on N1.

Blagojević believes that the agreement on the plates is only a confirmation of what the EU and the USA wanted – that there would be no conflict and escalation, bearing in mind the situation in Ukraine.

“The final agreement is, of course, the result of direct pressure, an ultimatum from America, but it should not be forgotten that the EU could not have reached it any other way.” The European Union does not have the leverage to force this set of authorities in Pristina to do what the EU sees as its interest,” he said.

Kosovo Albanians believe that they owe everything to America and that the US will continue to help them achieve independence, while there are different opinions in the EU and five countries that have not recognized independence, Blagojević added.

Speaking about the European Union’s proposal for the final agreement, he recalls that the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, said that he and the envoy Miroslav Lajčak had been coordinating it all summer and that it has strong support from the Americans.

Bisenić says that the Germans appeared as if they were the creators of all solutions, but that the USA is also behind it, which is more ready for some “ad hoc” deals and solutions.

“It is hard to imagine that the solution of Kosovo will not have an idea about what is happening in Ukraine,” he said.

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