A gift of the ICON OF SAINT JOHN THE MERCIFUL plus a TV SCREEN accessory. On Friday, November 25, with the daily newspaper KURIR

All Christian churches celebrate Saint John the Merciful and call him the saint of kindness.

That is why it is believed that on that day we should especially be merciful and remind ourselves how important it is to be good to others and help. Make an effort to start a circle of good deeds because good returns good. There is a custom that, if you are in an argument with someone, or angry at someone who has wronged you, you should forgive. It will be healing for your soul. It is believed that forgiveness brings multiple prosperity and happiness, and will drive away evil and misfortune from your life.

photo: Courier

Gift supplement with daily newspaper Kurir – TV Screen:

JOURNALISM IS AN ART FOR US – Silvija Slamnig and Jelena Pejović – presenters of “Usijanja” and “Crne hronika” on Kurir TV reveal how they prepare for interviews, what their day looks like outside the studio and where they met long before they became colleagues

Branka Katić: Reinforcement in the new regional TV series “Silence”

Radomir Nikolić: Finally, it was my time to play in front of the camera

Plus TV series, the most accurate program

A gift
photo: Courier


The article is in Serbian

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