Watch out for the famous “1+1 free” promotion

Watch out for the famous “1+1 free” promotion
Watch out for the famous “1+1 free” promotion

Buying products on sale and numerous other benefits offered by stores are often a great relief for us when paying, especially considering the inflation we have been facing in recent months, which raises prices day by day. However, pay attention with every purchase, because markets use various tricks to attract consumers to buy a product, and the bill at the cash register is not reduced, but often even higher.

They raise the price of the product before lowering it

The fabulous discounts that tempt us are often actually the regular price of that product.

Namely, sellers increase the price of the product a few days before the discount, and then show the regular price as a discount, writes “”.

Someone who just passes through the store will not even notice this, but this should be paid close attention to.

On the stock market, and at the checkout…

Another example from stores is the actions that are more important. Underneath certain products is the promotional price, and the information about the duration of the promotion is written in such small letters that, at the very least, you will need a magnifying glass to see until when the product is on sale.

And of course, the special prices on the shelves are kept for a few days after the sale ends, and we are charged the regular price at the cash register.

Keep your eyes open when buying dishes in the market

You might not even think about it, but you also have to be careful when you want to buy glasses, pans or pans at the market.

Not infrequently, below the price of a bowl, for example, is the price of a glass, so you need a sharp eye here, as in the case of shares.

50% off or not at all

This applies to all stores, including boutiques, but also drugstores,

A big inscription that the discount is 50% will spoil the knowledge that one little “do” changes everything.

Most often it is a discount of 10-20%, and it certainly falls into this category up to 50%.

The famous 1+1 free

Another trap in the market is the famous 1+1 free promotion.

You get two of the same products, packaged, at a good price. However, what often happens is that when you buy these products separately, it will be cheaper by ten dinars – so don’t worry!

What you should know as a consumer, and what is clearly displayed in larger markets, is that the price of the product at the checkout must match the price on the shelf, otherwise, you can get your money back.


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