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A Kosovar journalist criticized Xhaka’s primitive move, his father threatened her

A Kosovar journalist criticized Xhaka’s primitive move, his father threatened her
A Kosovar journalist criticized Xhaka’s primitive move, his father threatened her

After the journalist from Kosovo, Zana Avdija, criticized Granit Xhaka’s simple outburst in the match against Serbia, when he grabbed his crotch, a sea of ​​horrible insults came to her account. Now Jaka’s father joined the lynching.

Namely, Zana published a photo of Xhaka holding his crotch and gesturing towards the bench of the Serbian national team and wrote: “Granit Xhaka’s behavior is a shame. The rank of a streetwalker. And the tragedy is that no one missed sharing this photo.”

Avdiju, otherwise a great fighter for women’s rights, immediately after this statement appeared in the studio of Kosovo television T7, where she was accompanied by four other sports commentators/analysts.

After she explained her criticism of Granit Xhaka, Ragip Xhaka, the father of the Arsenal and Swiss national football player, joined the studio by phone.

“You know very well that I’m not really a person from TV stations or newspapers. I am a man of sacrifice, work and prison”, began his presentation. Flash writes that the Serbian police arrested Xhaka for supporting the so-called KLA, that he spent several years in prison, claiming that he suffered abuse. After his liberation, he fled to Switzerland with his family, reports Blic Sport.

He used the phone call to argue with the journalist.

“I just wanted to remind this lady, Zana… I’m not going to go into too much detail and say who she is, everyone knows that,” Xhaka began.

Zana Avdiu intervened and interrupted him: “I don’t understand exactly what you mean by that?”

After which Xhaka interrupted her and started shouting: “Please, I don’t want to have a single discussion with you! I didn’t call you.”

Then he continued his speech, and to Zana Avdi he spoke in the third person:

“When Granita calls Xhaka a street person, it’s a big shame! The one who sits in this show and has no idea about sports, or emotions, or Albanian culture… She has absolutely no idea. I don’t know who called her. Such a woman, who is so involved in sports, but has no knowledge of sports or anything else, opposes a boy of Albanian blood, who makes proud not only me as a father, but also all Albanians everywhere… She found herself calling Granit a street (sneer), not knowing the meaning of that word. She takes you to court and criticizes that gesture, and she herself doesn’t understand the meaning and talks about sexual things that don’t exist. Imagine that,” he shouted.

When asked if he is in contact with his son, Ragip answers:

“I am in contact with Granit day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute.” Because he is my son. What Granit said after the game is a private matter… However, Granit feels very hurt by people like this Zana. Never from opponents and enemies, but from people who support the views of Serbia and those who insulted him in the worst possible way. Granit Xhaka always campaigns against violence against women in Kosovo. And she comes and calls Granit a street person?”, he added.

Then came the chilling threat: “I warn you again, you should be careful what you write about the Jaka family!” Otherwise, you will find out what will happen, you will be responsible! But when the time comes, it will be too late for you, I swear to your life! Because you don’t know the Xhaka family.”

Human rights activist Zana Avdiu has repeatedly been the target of threats in Kosovo with her feminist views. In a recent debate, she said that men in Kosovo prefer to have two or three sexual partners at the same time. She also condemned the sexist lyrics of Albanian rappers and demanded that something be done about it. Since your public criticism of Granit Xhaka’s groin, she has received death threats and has been insulted as a Serbian bitch”

Because of the criticism made by Jhaki, Zana has been the target of terrible threats, which go so far as to call for the murder of this woman.

Because of this attitude, she is faced with threats, which go so far as to call for the murder of this woman. According to her lawyer Arianit Kochi, in the last few days, Zana has been receiving numerous messages on her social media profiles, and many of them are creepy, to say the least. The activist and journalist came under attack because of her critical attitude. “Your life won’t last long,” is one of the comments he receives, and lawyer Kochi emphasized that everyone has the right to a different opinion, but not to openly threaten other people.

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