Details from the life of Mirnese, who stole a million euros, the parents have given up

Details from the life of Mirnese, who stole a million euros, the parents have given up
Details from the life of Mirnese, who stole a million euros, the parents have given up

A day after the Instagram profile of a woman wanted by Stuttgart police for stealing a million euros was revealed, new details about her life are emerging. As previously reported by Fenix-magazine, it is Mirnesa S, originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina, who worked in a money transport company, from where she stole a million euros. In Stuttgart, she is also known by the nickname Miki, and before this company, she worked as a waitress.

He is a native of Bosnia and Herzegovina, more precisely from Busovača. Her parents gave her up, and her maiden name was Bešlić, the Crna-Hronika portal has learned.

As reported by N1 Sarajevo, her Instagram profile, where she posted photos showing her having fun dressed in branded clothes, was crucial in revealing her identity.

The German newspaper “Bild” in its text on the front page reports that it is more than obvious that Mirnesa S. lived a luxurious life. Namely, in her photos you can see expensive jewelry, bags, Rolex watches, and champagne parties with friends.

“Yes, this is an extremely unusual lifestyle for a woman who allegedly worked as a telephone operator for a money transport company,” said Bild’s text.

Bild journalists also visited the neighborhood where she lived, and one of the neighbors, who wanted to remain anonymous, said that he saw when she was walking, that she was a really striking phenomenon.

“At one time, she presented herself as a branch manager,” he said.

As reported by Bild, one thing is certain: she did not take the money gradually over a long period, but stole the entire sum at once. Further investigation will determine how she did it, and whether she had an “inside” helper.

She stole more than one million euros from the company’s premises on October 14, around 3:10 p.m. She had access to the money as an employee of the company. The theft was discovered the same day, and the police began an investigation. In their announcement, they did not clarify how she took out such a large amount of money from the company. A reward was offered for help leading to the arrest of the 42-year-old woman.

“The prize is 37,500 euros and is privately insured. Anyone who knows anything about the 42-year-old suspect is asked to contact the criminal police,” said the police in Stuttgart.

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