Passed all over Europe and killed a marine, Britain on its feet because of him! VIDEO

Passed all over Europe and killed a marine, Britain on its feet because of him! VIDEO
Passed all over Europe and killed a marine, Britain on its feet because of him! VIDEO

Afghani Lavangin Abdulrahimzai (21) was found guilty on Monday of killing a marine in Bournemouth, England, and he was also tried in Serbia for the double murder of his countryman.

Namely, Lavangin, who was allegedly 15 years old at the time, killed two Afghans between July 31 and August 1, 2018 in Dobrinci near the highway. The Afghans were then staying in a shed in the area when an argument broke out over the transport of migrants, and Lavangin then drew a weapon and fatally wounded them.

As reported by the media, the dispute broke out over the job of transporting migrants. Lavangin was allegedly armed with an automatic rifle and the two had pistols.

– Who is the smuggler? – asked one man from the group, after which they pointed their weapons at the victims.

According to the media, he fired 18 bullets from a 7.62 caliber Kalashnikov. As he explained, Lawangin, who went by the name Juan Yasin, fired six bullets into each victim. He then fled Serbia, and was identified by the taxi driver who took him from the accident site.

The taxi driver said that Lavangin was sweating and showing signs of anxiety, and the court was told that Lavangin got the weapon from “Roma”. In November 2020, a court in Serbia convicted him of murder in absentia after he was wanted.

A senior British MP on Monday called for a Home Office investigation into how a 21-year-old double murderer from Afghanistan and convicted drug dealer managed to sneak into the UK posing as a 14-year-old boy before killing a Royal Marine. Thomas Roberts.

Lawangin Abdulrahimzai was found guilty on Monday of killing a marine during an argument over an electric scooter in Bournemouth town center in March last year, the Daily Mail reports.

– Now an investigation must be launched into how such a dangerous person slipped (through the system). Did anyone know that he killed twice in Serbia before arriving in the UK? The Ministry of Internal Affairs must answer some very serious questions – he added.

The Afghan man arrived in Poole, Dorset, by ferry from France on December 26, 2019, and was allowed into the UK after telling officials he was the child of parents killed by the Taliban and was 14 years old. He was so convincing in his deception that he was placed with foster carer Nicole Jones.

She described him as a shy, “bright guy” who suffered from “nightmares” but grew into a man with Jekyll and Hyde qualities as their life together drew to a close. Abdulrahimzai, whom she named Lo, was caught with a knife, but the police only gave him certain tips and recommendations.

Soon he started to get out of control and, among other things, he participated in street fights for which he was paid 100 pounds, or a little more than 110 euros, for ten minutes of fighting. When he almost hits Nicole during an argument, he is removed from her home.

Finally, on March 12, 2022, he committed his third murder, stabbing Roberts twice in the chest with a 10-centimeter blade, after an argument with the victim’s friend over an electric scooter outside a sandwich shop. Months earlier, the killer shared photos of himself with a knife on TikTok, despite being warned against it by his foster mother, police and social workers.

The Afghan confessed to manslaughter at an earlier hearing, but then denied it and forced a trial, where the jury did not believe his claims. Asked by prosecutor Nick Lobenberg why he was carrying a knife, he said he feared for his life.

– There were people from the house who wanted to kill me, and people threatened to stab me to death – he said.

Giving evidence in court, Abdulrahimzai sobbed as he described the abuse he claimed he suffered at the hands of the Taliban and how the insurgents killed his parents after they “bombed” his home. When he was arrested, he told authorities he was 16, but the court has since determined he is now 21.

Killed trying to calm things down

Taking the stand, he claimed he was one of thousands of victims of the horrific terror of the Taliban, the militant Islamic group that seized control of Afghanistan in the summer of 2021, when the last allied forces withdrew from the country after two decades.

– I saw several explosions nearby. There was an American base not far from where we lived and the Taliban would come with demands and there would be fighting and shooting. They used heavy weapons like rocket launchers. They planted bombs around our house, I was at my uncle’s then, and when I came home my parents were dead. I saw their body parts and a lot of blood – said Abdulrahimzai.

After crying briefly, he said the Taliban captured him and tortured him for almost three weeks before throwing him by the side of the road and leaving him to die. The jury was shown photographs of scars all over his body, which the killer claimed were the result of torture, during which he was beaten with rifle butts and cut with knives.

Recalling the night of the murder, Abdulrahimzai said he had been in a nightclub in Poole drinking vodka and had missed the bus when he ran into Roberts and his friend James Medway. Opening the trial last week, the prosecutor told jurors it was a “fatal encounter over a scooter that cost that boy his life.”

– Thomas was a peacemaker, he stood between two men. He got into trouble and received two stab wounds – he added.

A journey through Europe

The killer later “buried” the knife and burned some of the clothes he was wearing that evening, the court was told.

– I am deeply sorry from the bottom of my heart, I wish I could change that – Abdulrahimzai added.

On Wednesday, Abdulrahimzai will learn the punishment for the murder. During the trial, the details of the killer’s journey through Europe were revealed. The triple murderer first went to Serbia via Pakistan and Iran in October 2015, and later that month he arrived in Norway with a close friend whom he considered an adopted brother.

But he left Norway and spent some time in Italy and Serbia. He applied for asylum in Norway, but when his application was rejected in December 2019, he left the country for fear of being deported to Afghanistan.

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