The biggest Balkan drug lord Tito placed under US sanctions

The biggest Balkan drug lord Tito placed under US sanctions
The biggest Balkan drug lord Tito placed under US sanctions

Edin Gačanin aka Tito, the biggest Balkan drug lord who has Dutch citizenship, was yesterday placed under the sanctions of the US Treasury. Tito, who is considered by Europol to be one of the heads of a “supercartel” that controls a third of the cocaine traffic from South America to Europe, is on the run and his whereabouts are unknown.




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Edin Gačanin, a native of Sarajevo, is the leader of the Tito and Dino cartel, to which members of his family and friends from Bosnia and Herzegovina also belong, writes the announcement of the US Treasury on the introduction of sanctions.

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In addition to drug trafficking, the cartel also deals in money laundering and works closely with the notorious Irish crime group led by Daniel Kinahan.

Gačanin was placed under sanctions because he invests money in drug smuggling, the Treasury announced.

This decision was reportedly made by the Treasury in coordination with the US Drug Enforcement Administration – DEA, Europol and the governments of the Netherlands, France and Belgium.

It is not known where Gačanin is currently.

He went missing after being released in January for unclear reasons from detention in Dubai, where he was held following his arrest in the large-scale international “Desert Light” operation. Although he is suspected of running a “supercartel” which, according to Europol, controls a third of cocaine sales in Europe, Gačanin walked free after two months in custody and disappeared without a trace.

It is not clear how it happened – the media claim that the Netherlands, of which Gačana is a citizen, did not send a request for his extradition to the Emirates on time, but the Dutch prosecution denied this, saying that their extradition request was rejected.

The “Supercartel” consists of criminal groups from the Balkans, from Ireland, Italy and Morocco, and Gačanin leads the Balkan clan. He mostly bought drugs from drug lords in Peru and smuggled them to Europe.

Gačanin and his cartel Tito and Dino became one of the strongest players in the drug trade in Peru after the influence of one of the most powerful criminal groups at the time – “Group America” ​​- was lost. This happened after the arrest of her second man, Zoran Jakšić, in 2016.


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