Devito faked a duet with Latin star Nati Natasha: His manager announced


Treper David Ljubenović, better known as Devito, released a new album, and one of the songs is a duet with one of the most popular Latin singers, Nati Natasha, called “Acrobatico”.

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This track received numerous positive comments and enthusiasm due to the collaboration with a big world star, but soon her team also announced, claiming that Nati is not part of this project.

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Namely, just one day after the song saw the light of day, Nata Natasha’s manager announced and pointed out that there was no collaboration with Devita.

Her manager took to Twitter and pointed out that the singer doesn’t even know who Devito Anonimo is.

Nata’s co-workers found out when one of her fans contacted them and asked:

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– Hello, sorry, I need your confirmation if in fact Nati is the one who sings the song “Acrobatiko” with Devita, I’m just confused and I really think it’s not her, thanks.

– You didn’t see the artist or anyone from her work team being promoted by anything like that. They also need to understand that these are situations that are handled internally until they are resolved. Cooperation does not exist, it never happened and the situation is being resolved. Thank you – he wrote and started an avalanche of comments, and then he was asked an even more specific question: “so it’s not Natasha”?


Photo: previs daniej h. / Twitter


– No, Nati is not in the song and she has nothing to do with those people – he concluded.

Devito has not yet announced this, but after the release of the album, he promoted all the songs except the alleged duet with Natasha. Also, Devito deleted the music video for the song “Acrobatico”, and on this occasion, Devito’s manager also spoke out:

– I’m not up to date, you know, I’m in Cyprus where we’re shooting Teodora’s new music video. I have no idea what it is about – Sandra told “Informer”.

By the way, it is written that Devito paid 250,000 euros for the album.

VIDEO: Devito about the collaboration with the famous Nati Natasha

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