What did Dodika’s tour to Moscow show?


This is what international relations expert and former career diplomat Srećko Đukić says for Srpskainfo, commenting on Milorad Dodik’s departure to Russia and the meetings he had there with Vladimir Putin and Sergey Lavrov.

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Pointing out that few foreign statesmen, let alone the president of an entity, have the opportunity to meet with the president of Russia and the minister of foreign affairs of that country within two days, Đukić adds that a completely different question is how much benefit Dodik’s “tour” of Russia will bring. or damage to Republika Srpska.

– There is no doubt that Dodik received the highest possible treatment in Moscow, and that hardly anyone has recently been accepted there at the highest possible level – Đukić says for our portal.

By the way, as it was announced yesterday, after meeting with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin the previous day, the President of Srpska had the opportunity to talk with the head of Russian diplomacy, Sergey Lavrov.

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Sergey Lavrov Milorad Dodik

On that occasion, Dodik also addressed those present at the 11th meeting of high-ranking officials on the issue of security, pointing out that after the war BiH became an experiment and a colony, without respect for history and international law. Earlier, during the meeting with Putin, Dodik said that Republika Srpska “is exposed to many pressures from the West because of its support for Russia”.

– We did not allow a formal decision on sanctions against the Russian Federation to be made, and because of this, we were exposed to various forms of pressure from our Western partners in the form of sanctions and the suspension of certain projects and programs. But we decided not to be part of the hysteria that is being created – said Dodik.

As reported, the President of Russia thanked Dodik for his friendly attitude towards Russia, as well as for the neutral attitude of Republika Srpska towards the conflict in Ukraine.

Commenting on the mentioned messages, Srećko Đukić believes that the effects of Dodik’s latest visit to Moscow will be seen and felt in the near future.

– It is certain that the West will not look favorably on that visit and time will show how much this visit will bring harm or benefit to Srpska. My opinion is that the little ones should stay away while the big ones fight and argue. It is not wise to take anyone’s side in such a conflict – Đukić concluded.

The allegations against Murphy

After the meeting with the Russian leader, the President of Srpska, Milorad Dodik, reported that Putin told him that the Dayton Agreement “was destroyed by those who promote rules in the world, not international law”.

Also, Dodik repeated the accusations against the US Embassy in BiH and the ambassador of that country, Michael Murphy, whom he called “anti-Serb”. The President of Srpska also asserted that the American ambassador’s goal is to “destroy the Republika Srpska by the end of his mandate.”

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