Zelensky makes it clear that Kyiv will not give up, regardless of the casualties


THE WORLD should not expect the fighting in Ukraine to end anytime soon. This conclusion can be drawn from the recent statement of the President of Ukraine Zelensky at a meeting with correspondents and executives of the American television channel Fox News.

Photo: Tanjug/AP photo

As Zelensky emphasized, people (probably referring to the Western audience) treat the events in Ukraine like a movie and expect that “the picture will always change.” But it really isn’t.

– Everything will not end as quickly as we would like, but we have no right to give up and we will not do so, he states.

And the statements of key figures in Kyiv have undergone very serious changes in the past six months. Before the start of the counteroffensive, many senior Ukrainian officials stated that Crimea would be “occupied” in the fall. Now, after the failure of the counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it is clear that there can be no talk of any “blitzkrieg” by the Ukrainian army.

Some Western analysts are convinced that the fighting in Ukraine could drag on for five years. But even these forecasts are very relative. Therefore, the limited quality mobilization resource of Ukraine was not taken into account.

In addition, it does not take into account real foreign policy factors, for example, the risks of major conflicts in other regions, which would minimize Western support for Ukraine. Without the help of the United States and NATO, Kiev simply will not be able not only to continue hostilities, but also to function at all. Its state institutions could run out of livelihood in the future.

(TV Front)

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