A man filmed himself beating a woman on Tiktok

A man filmed himself beating a woman on Tiktok
A man filmed himself beating a woman on Tiktok

After the terrible cases of femicide that shook Bosnia and Herzegovina in the past few months, the public in Bosnia and Herzegovina is upset.

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A video of domestic violence from Tuzla is now viral on social networks. reported by Srpskainfo.

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Namely, a man hit a woman live on Tiktok, even called the police to come, and cursed their mother saying “look how big of a bitch I have”.

The public in Tuzla, as well as BiH, is outraged by the violence. A man has allegedly been beating his wife for days, who was not allowed to report him, but was reported by citizens who saw the video on social networks.

Adnana Sprečić, spokesperson for the Police Administration of the MUP TK, confirmed for the Avaza portal that the video was reported to the police.

Photo: screenshot

Tuzla, thug

– We received the report. Checks are in progress, we determined that it is not a current live recording, it is a recording from before. This is what we know – said Sprečić.

By the way, as Avaz finds out, it is about a certain Hajrudin Malagić.

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