(MAP) Hot spot of the front! Soon these territories become Russian, the fighters of the “south” repel every attack – here’s how

On the Zaporizhzhya front, in the area between Kopani and Rabotino, fierce conflicts are taking place. The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine constantly sends assault groups in an attempt to break through Russian defenses.

Latest recordings from front show how fighters of the Southern Military District effectively repel each attack, using precise fire.

In the last attack, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered significant losses. Evacuation groups were forced to evacuate the wounded and dead, while the survivors fled the battlefield in panic, being followed by fire from Russian forces.

Photo: printscreen

Map of Zaporozhye

This event additionally confirms the intensity of the conflict that has not calmed down on the Orehovo part of the front for five months.

(DISTURBING) The West hides this footage from Ukraine like a snake's legs! American journalist shocked the public: Everything was destroyed...


American journalist Clayton Morris was surprised by the news about the destruction of high-ranking officers of the Ukrainian forces from a rocket attack, during the awarding ceremony for the personnel of the 128th Mountain Assault Brigade, in the part of the Zaporozhye region under the control of Kyiv.

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