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Javier Miley is the new president of Argentina. Friends and foes compare him to fellow right-wing populists Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro. Some have called the disheveled economist a mix between Boris Johnson and Chucky the killer doll. writes the Guardian.

“Miley looks like Wolverine”

When a woman is in charge of image Javier Milea designed his hairstyle, she had two men in mind – Elvis Presley and Wolverine (a character from the Marvel Comics publishing house).

“He looks like Wolverine. He acts like Wolverine. He’s like an anti-hero,” Lilia Lemoine, a professional cosplayer who was elected as a congresswoman, said of her ally during of a recent interview in Buenos Aires.

Lemoine, whose stage name is Lady Lemon, said she sees striking similarities between Argentina’s president-elect and the volatile Marvel character.

“Wolverine is very loyal and brave… He can get really angry and aggressive towards his enemies – but only when attacked. She would never kill someone or attack someone for no reason,” Lemon said, insisting that Miley also has a “softer” side.

“He’s wonderful,” she said, calling the far-right libertarian “the most wanted man in Argentina right now.”

In the unauthored biography of Miley – who on Sunday defeated his Peronist rival Sergio Massa in Argentina’s most important election in decades – he is portrayed as a colorful loner who suffered parental abuse as a child and bullying at school in the 1980s.

He was nicknamed El Loco (“The Madman”) because of his outbursts and aggressive rhetoric.

“What worries me more than his ideas is his state of mind and emotional stability,” said the book’s author, Juan Luis Gonzalez.

Last month he said that he does not go to church but to the synagogue. “I don’t follow a priest, I follow a rabbi.” I study Torah. I am known in the world as a friend of Israel. In addition to aligning with the US and Israel, I want to move our embassy to Jerusalem. If I win, my first trip is to Israel.”

Miley was the lead singer of a Rolling Stones cover band called Everest. According to Lemoine, Miley also enjoys the music of Bob Marley and Verdi.

“He loves opera.” He sings opera. It’s not very good – but don’t say I told you this,” she said in the interview.

Miley gained fame as an economic expert on Argentine TV shows where he talked about the misery of inflation and the joys of tantric sex.

“Each person has his own dynamics. In my particular case, I ejaculate every three months,” Miley once boasted.

Statements like this and Miley’s penchant for attracting attention with swear words made him recognizable and helped him launch a career in politics about five years ago.

The libertarian economist was elected to Congress in 2021 ahead of his Libertad Avanza (Freedom Progress) party.

“The vote for Miley is a desperate attempt to get someone new, whatever it may be,” said Benjamin Gedan, an Argentina specialist at the Wilson Center.

“The option voters had before them was more or less the same in these disastrous economic conditions – a radical gamble on a potentially bright future with a lot of downside risk.”

Gedan is convinced that there will be many in Argentina who will regret it if Miley follows even a small part of his ideas.

Those ideas include legalizing the sale of human organs, dramatically reducing social spending, downplaying the crimes of Argentina’s 1976-83 dictatorship, and cutting ties with Argentina’s two most important trading partners, Brazil and China.

During the election campaign, Miley promised to abolish Argentina’s Central Bank and dollarize the economy. He brandished a chainsaw to symbolize the severe cuts he believes will help stabilize the economy and “exterminate” rampant inflation.

A biography of Argentina’s new president suggests some of those ideas may have come from his five cloned mastiff dogs named after economists, including Murray Rothbard and Robert Lucas.

“They are about two meters tall, they weigh about 100 kg … He calls them his four-legged children,” says Lemoine, laughing at claims that Argentina’s future leader takes political advice from the animals.

Many experts believe Miley will be forced to moderate after taking power next month and will struggle to implement his more controversial proposals.

His party controls only 38 of the 257 seats in Argentina’s lower house and eight of the 72 seats in the Senate.

But on Sunday night, Miley showed little sign that he was prepared to water down his visions of South America’s second-largest economy. “The changes this country needs are drastic,” he declared, announcing Trump’s plans to make Argentina great again.

Miley was born in Buenos Aires on October 22, 1970 in a family of Italian origin. His mother Alicia was a housewife and his father Norberto was a bus driver.

He attended Catholic schools and private universities. In his late teens, he was a goalkeeper for Chacarita Juniors until 1989.

He decided, as he said himself, to leave football and fully dedicate himself to the study of economics at the age of 18, during the hyperinflation of 1989, towards the end of Raul Alfonsino’s government.

When he once talked about his childhood, he admitted that his parents beat him and verbally abused him, which is why he didn’t talk to them for a decade. He was supported by his younger sister Karina and his maternal grandmother.

Photo: EPA-EFE/Javier Miley with his sister Karina

Miley graduated in Economics from the private University of Belgrano (Licenciate) and received two Master’s degrees from the Instituto de Desarrollo Economico i Social and the private University of Torcuato di Tella.

For more than twenty-one years, Miley was a professor of macroeconomics, growth economics, and microeconomics. He is a specialist in economic growth and has taught several economic subjects at Argentine universities and abroad. He is the author of more than fifty scientific works.

In addition to his written work, Miley had a notable presence on television. According to data for 2018, he was the most interviewed economist on TV, ahead of Faust Spotorno and Damian Di Pace, with a total of 235 interviews and 193,347 seconds.

Miley he hosts his own radio show called Demoliendo mitos (“Demolition of Myths”).

The attitude is that there is nothing wrong with prostitution and paying for sex. He has no problem with same-sex marriages and is indifferent to them. He sees marriage as a contract and opposes it as an institution.

When it comes to homosexuality, he said: “If you decide to be a homosexual, how does it affect my life?” By no means. To my freedom? By no means. My property? By no means. Therefore, I have nothing to say.”

He has been in a long-term relationship with Argentine actress and impersonator Fatima Florez.

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