“Putin doesn’t pass by the window and drink tea for a long time”: Danas interlocutors on next year’s elections in Russia – World


Vladimir Putin, the current Russian president, will run for that position in next year’s elections. It is interesting that Igor Grikin, a Russian separatist and pro-war blogger, said that he would too run in the presidential elections in Russia in 2024.

Igor Grikinalso known under the pseudonym Igro Strelkov, is in custody and awaiting trial.

Dragomir Anđelkovića political commentator, tells Danas that Strelkov has been a critic of the government for a long time, and that a part of Russian citizens are in the same positions that he represents.

“His participation in the elections would be inconvenient for the government, because Strelkov would receive quite a bit of support,” Anđelkovic says.

Our interlocutor points out that the announcement of Girkin’s candidacy is rational and in line with his views.

Russia does not have a system of fair elections

Putin he is reputed, as the world media writes, to be a dictator, so in such a situation, the regularity of the election and the possibility of his fall attract suspicion.

Anđelkovic says that while the war in Ukraine is going on, there are hardly any chances to replace Putin.

“Even if it is.” (Alexei) Navalny at large and if he were to run, he would not be able to defeat Putin. And if the elections were 100 percent transparent, if they were organized in a way that was completely open to the opposition, I don’t believe that he would have succeeded in achieving anything,” says Anđelković.

When they feel threatened, Anđelković continues, Russians gather around the government, that’s their mentality.

Putin and the clans

On the other hand, Alexander Olenika lawyer and deputy from the “Vojvođani” list, tells our newspaper that Putin’s fall from power is possible, but that it has nothing to do with the elections.

“What I know is that there are three “clans” fighting for power. One is Putin’s and there are two others connected to the so-called oligarchs and services in Russia itself. There is the question of how satisfied those who decide are with the war, that is, dissatisfied with aggression,” says Olenik.


“I am sure that Putin has not passed by the window for a long time and that he does not drink tea that he did not prepare himself,” he says.

He adds that since its existence, Russia has not built a system that enables fair elections, and that is why there is no system that could protect a legally elected candidate from being replaced.

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