He abolishes the Central Bank, changes his faith to Judaism, considers the Pope a communist, against abortion


CONTROVERSIAL politician and representative of the extreme right Javier Miley (53) will be the head of Argentina for the next four years. A man who has been compared to former US President Donald Trump and who promised to eradicate the country’s high inflation has won the second round of the presidential election over former economy minister Sergio Mase.

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According to preliminary results, Miley won almost 56 percent of the vote, while Masa got 44 percent. The turnout in the second round of the presidential elections was 76 percent.

– The reconstruction of Argentina and the end of the country’s decline begin today. The decadence model has come to an end. There is no going back. Argentina will return to a place in the world that it should never have lost. We will work side by side with all the nations of the free world to help build a better world – the newly elected president greeted the citizens of Buenos Aires.

He promised to make drastic changes to tackle Argentina’s “tragic reality” – rising inflation and widespread poverty. During the election campaign, he also said that he would abolish the Central Bank and replace the national currency with the US dollar. He also proposed a ban on abortion.

A populist and supporter of conspiracy theories, a self-proclaimed anarcho-capitalist, his victory surprised even the world political scene, where, by the way, the right is increasingly winning the hearts of voters. Until recently, Miley was unknown on the political scene of Argentina, which he joined a few years ago. He is an economist by profession, and for a time he enjoyed the status of a TV star. In the live program, he boasted about his sexual stamina, after which he gained popularity.

Among his many controversial views that he expressed publicly, the one when he called Pope Francis a “communist” and “representative of evil on Earth” stands out. He also stated that he would like to change his religion and convert to Judaism, adding that this would have to wait until the end of his political career. On one occasion, he wrote “Jesus did not pay taxes” on “X”. When it comes to foreign policy, he singled out the USA and Israel as future close collaborators.

Due to his eccentric personality and controversial views, he has often been compared to both Trump and former Brazilian leader Jair Bolsonaro. Miley, like Trump, expressed his desire to move the Argentine embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. He also said that he is in favor of banning abortion and abolishing the Ministry for Women, Gender and Diversity, as well as the Ministry of Science. He is also in favor of the legalization of firearms.

The newly elected president of Argentina, who takes office on December 10, was congratulated on his victory by current Argentine president Alberto Fernandez, as well as the presidents of the USA and Brazil. Congratulations also came from Trump, who pointed out that he is proud of Miley and that he will “make Argentina great again”. Billionaire and owner of “X” Elon Musk announced that “prosperity lies ahead of Argentina”.

Inflation 143 percent

Miley came to the position of head of Argentina at a time when inflation in the country reached as much as 143 percent! In this South American country, two out of five people live in poverty, and the value of the national currency, the peso, is in steep decline, so many cannot afford to buy basic groceries by the end of the month.

Cloned dogs and Kosovo

THE NEW president of Argentina takes care of five dogs who, by the way, are clones of his previous pet Conan, who was named after the hero of the Arnold Schwarzenegger film of the same name. He calls them his “four-legged children”, and they are all Mastiffs. – My house is like Kosovo. In two weeks, they ate almost four armchairs – Miley said in 2018 on Argentine TV.


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