Russian arrested for engagement at VIDEO station

Russian arrested for engagement at VIDEO station
Russian arrested for engagement at VIDEO station

A young man from Moscow was arrested for proposing to a girl at a metro station.

Source: B92, Msk1.ruTuesday, 21.11.2023. | 10:04 -> 12:50

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On November 7, Yevgeny proposed to his girlfriend in the middle of the VDNK metro station. That day, the Russian decided to organize an unusual celebration and invited his beloved to the subway. He brought a table, chairs, food, and set everything for his beloved. They sat and enjoyed themselves, and then he got down on one knee and asked her if she would marry him. She agreed, but the groom’s celebration ended with his arrest.

“This is terrible. It was even insulting that it happened after the engagement in the subway. We wrote an explanation to them and we said that there was no alcohol, everything was normal and civilized. The policemen left and told us to come to the station in the evening. But we didn’t go,” said Yevgeny, who proposed to the girl in the subway.

The next day, when the guy went to work with his fiancee, he was detained by the police. The security forces charged not only the young man but also his girlfriend. They were accused of petty hooliganism.

“They tried to handcuff me, I was in shock. I told them I wasn’t going to run away. They tried to take my phone and took it to the police station. We waited for the trial for days. As a result, the girl was fined one thousand rubles , and I was arrested for five days. They immediately took me to isolation. There was no food or anything there. And then they took us to Sakharovo,” Evgenij added.

You can watch the engagement video HERE.

According to Yevgeny, he does not plan to complain to the management of the Moscow Metro nor to appeal to the mayor of the city, Sergei Sobyanin. The editorial office of the Russian media sent a request to the press service of the Moscow Metro Internal Affairs Department to clarify the details of what happened, but they did not receive a response.

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