THE FIVE OF THEM EXPOSED THE GIRL (11) FOR 7 HOURS Shocking details about the gang rape of a child in Pristina surfaced!

THE FIVE OF THEM EXPOSED THE GIRL (11) FOR 7 HOURS Shocking details about the gang rape of a child in Pristina surfaced!
THE FIVE OF THEM EXPOSED THE GIRL (11) FOR 7 HOURS Shocking details about the gang rape of a child in Pristina surfaced!

New gruesome details of the brutal seven-hour rape of a girl (11) in Pristina have surfaced, and there are various versions of the event.

On Tuesday, a fifth rape suspect was arrested, three of them minors. Ekrem R. (26), his brother GR (16), GJ and Dz.S, as well as Š.K, were previously arrested in Pristina on suspicion of raping a girl (11) for seven hours, and after their arrest they were detained.

Over the past few days, several versions of the event have appeared, and on the Instagram page “feminsm.ks” the horror experienced by the unfortunate girl is described in detail. As stated on the mentioned page, the horror started in the park when the oldest among the rapists approached the girl.

– An eleven-year-old girl was in a park in Pristina when ER (26) approached her and said: “Honey, I like you”, shortly after that he touched her stomach and back. He put her in an uncomfortable situation, but she could not react because the abuser put his hand over her mouth to keep her quiet – they state on the Instagram page and add:

– His younger brother was also there. They undressed the girl, and ER was the first to rape her, his younger brother GR continued the brutal life. the brutal experience lasted seven hours.

The police director resigned

In the meantime, Samedin Mehmeti, the director of the police in Pristina, has resigned from that position due to a rape case, announced the Minister of the Interior Dzeljalj Svećlja.

– The Prime Minister of the Pristina Provisional Institutions, Aljbin Kurti, accepted the dismissal of Mehmeti and appointed Fehmi Hoti, the former deputy director of the police, as the new acting director – the Albanian media reported.

A day earlier, the Albanian media published another version of the case, citing unofficial information from police sources.

– Three minors started raping the girl in a park in a neighborhood in Pristina, and then one of them called his brother Ekrem R. (26). He suspects that he went there in his pickup truck. From that place, they went to another location where, after a short time, Ekrem R. allegedly stopped the car and raped a minor girl. After that, he invited the fifth suspect to join them in the persecution – local media reported yesterday.

In any case, all five were arrested and detained for up to a month. Let us remind you that the case was reported to the police by the mother of the unfortunate girl.

– The mother stated that the girl left the house on Saturday afternoon and that she found her only after midnight in a catastrophic emotional state, after which the child confessed to her what happened to her – Albanian media reported earlier.

The rapists were detained

The Department for Serious Criminal Offenses of the Basic Court in Pristina ordered a detention measure of 30 days for the five suspects for the rape of an 11-year-old girl, reports Koha.

From that court, they state that the judge for the preliminary proceedings accepted the request of the Basic Prosecutor’s Office to determine the measure of custody.

– When ordering detention, the court took into account the gravity of the crime, the manner and circumstances under which the crime was committed, which is suspected of being committed against the injured party, who is a minor – the announcement states.

By the way, the case of rape of a girl three days ago caused a lot of public attention. The police managed to identify and arrest five suspected young men, and announced that they are still investigating the case of sexual abuse in Pristina. Ekrem R. (26) has a criminal past and there are a total of nine charges against him, including theft and domestic violence.

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