“Putin is trying to lead to an additional escalation of the conflict”: Reactions to the speech of the President of Russia – World

“Putin is trying to lead to an additional escalation of the conflict”: Reactions to the speech of the President of Russia – World
“Putin is trying to lead to an additional escalation of the conflict”: Reactions to the speech of the President of Russia – World

The mobilization announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin was a predictable step that will prove extremely unpopular and indicates that the war is not going according to Moscow’s plan, Mykhailo Podolyak, an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, told Reuters.

Podoljak said in a text message he sent to the news agency, the Guardian reported. that Russian President Vladimir Putin is trying to shift the blame to the West for starting an “unprovoked war” and worsening Russia’s economic situation.

Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko announced on Telegram that mobilization and nuclear threats will not help Putin.

“Putin’s mobilization and nuclear threats will not help the aggressor in his quest to conquer and destroy Ukraine and Ukrainians.” The tyrant has finally initiated the processes that will bury him in his own country. “And the civilized world must finally understand that evil must be destroyed from the roots and not talk about some kind of illusory ‘peace negotiations,'” said Klitschko.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has embarked on a “very dangerous nuclear gamble” and must “stop such reckless behavior,” he said European Commission spokesman Peter Stano.

The partial mobilization of the army in Russia represents an additional escalation of the conflict in Ukraine, which the German government considers Moscow’s reaction. said German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck.

He said that this is “another bad and wrong step by Russia, and we will, of course, discuss and consult from a political perspective on how to react.”

Czech Prime Minister Petr Fijala believes that Putin is trying to lead to an additional escalation of the conflict.

“The partial mobilization announced by Vladimir Putin is an attempt to further escalate the war initiated by Russia in Ukraine and is further proof that Russia is the only aggressor. “Ukraine needs help and we must continue to provide it because it is in our interest,” Fijala wrote on Twitter.

China’s foreign ministry has urged all sides to engage in dialogue and consultation and find a way to tackle security concerns of all sides after Putin warned the West of what he called “nuclear blackmail”.

Reuters reported that Chinese SME spokesman Wang Wenbin said at a regular media briefing that China’s position on Ukraine is consistent and clear.

The American ambassador to Ukraine, Bridget Brink, said that Russia showed weakness by announcing the mobilization of military reservists and calling a referendum on Ukrainian territories under Russian occupation.

“Fake referendums and mobilization are signs of weakness, signs of Russia’s failure,” Brink wrote on Twitter. “The United States will never recognize Russia’s claim to apparently annexed Ukrainian territory.”

British Defense Minister Ben Wallace said in a statement that the fact that Putin broke his promise not to mobilize part of the population and the illegal annexation of parts of Ukraine are an admission that the invasion is failing.

“His defense minister and he are sending tens of thousands of their own citizens to their deaths, who are poorly equipped and poorly led.” “No amount of threats and propaganda can hide the fact that Ukraine is winning the war, that the international community is united and that Russia is becoming a pariah,” said Wallace.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte also commented on Putin’s address.

“Mobilization, demanding a referendum in Donetsk, it’s all a sign of panic.” His rhetoric about nuclear weapons is something we’ve heard many times before and it leaves us cold. We are already familiar with that part of the rhetoric. I would advise you to remain calm.’

Reuters reported that EU member Latvia, which borders Russia, will not offer refuge to Russians fleeing mobilization from their country. The head of Lithuanian diplomacy, Edgars Rinkevičs, announced this on Twitter, citing security reasons.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki reiterated that his country supports Ukraine.

“We will do everything we can with our allies, so that NATO supports Ukraine even more so that it can defend itself.” Reports of partial mobilization have been confirmed. Russia will try to destroy Ukraine and grab part of its territory. We cannot allow that,” Morawiecki said.

The Polish Prime Minister is attending military exercises of the Polish army taking place with American and British allies in eastern Poland.

Finnish Defense Minister Antti Kalkonen said his country is closely monitoring the situation in neighboring Russia.

“When it comes to Finland’s environment, I can say that the military situation is stable and calm,” Kalkonen said. “Our defense forces are well prepared and the situation is being closely monitored.”

Finland applied for NATO membership earlier this year.

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kalas, one of Putin’s ardent opponents, said the Russian president’s speech was aimed at intimidating the international community. “When it comes to nuclear threats, the goal is the same as before – to incite fear and terrorize the general public.” The Kremlin is blackmailing the international community and wants to scare us and deter us from providing aid to Ukraine,” said Kalas, recalling that this was the first time the Kremlin’s leadership had spoken out after the counteroffensive in Ukraine.

“They need to show that they are taking the initiative.” If Russia cannot win conventionally, it threatens nuclear weapons and looks for ways to demonstrate a political victory.”

NATO is a defense alliance and a nuclear alliance, she emphasized. “Unlike Russia, we are not threatening the world with a nuclear disaster.” The threat of nuclear warheads belongs in the arsenal of the pariah state. It is completely irresponsible and unacceptable,” Kalas pointed out.

Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong has condemned Putin’s threats of nuclear retaliation and demanded Russia end its “illegal, immoral” war against Ukraine.

“Australia condemns Putin’s threats to use ‘all means’ at his disposal. “Claims about defending Russia’s territorial integrity are not true,” Wong wrote on Twitter.

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