Salah died because of this beauty

Photo: Printskrin/Instagram

Mohamed Salah came under attack from the Egyptian conservative public, after taking a picture with the country’s former Miss Sonja Gergis.

Mohamed Salah, Sonja Gergis
photo: Printskrin/Instagram

Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool footballer, is known as a person who was not prone to scandals. He lives a peaceful family life, devoted to his faith. Surrounded by his wife Magi Sadek and their children.

Mohamed Salah, Sonja Gergis
photo: Printskrin/Instagram

However, he has now come under fire from the Egyptian public for one photo.

The beautiful Sonya Gergis, former Miss Elite Egypt, shared several photos with the Liverpool football player on her Instagram profile, in which Salah is holding her around the waist.

Because of that move, many in Egypt immediately condemned him because the public there is known to be quite conservative.

Although he came under fire, neither the footballer nor the beauty spoke about it.

By the way, the former miss is currently working in Dubai, and about two years ago she was also photographed with Salah, who was vacationing in that city.

Realistically, Salah didn’t do anything wrong. Who could refuse a beauty like Sonya, who only asked for a photo together.

Sonya Gergis is followed by more than 53,000 people on Instagram. She draws sighs with her challenging releases wherever she appears on the planet.

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