Mass protests in Iran: “Death to the dictator” VIDEO

Mass protests in Iran: “Death to the dictator” VIDEO
Mass protests in Iran: “Death to the dictator” VIDEO

Protests are spreading at lightning speed through the streets of Iranian cities, where thousands of citizens are protesting the suspicious death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini.

Source: Wednesday, 21.09.2022. | 13:25


She died in police custody and was detained for not wearing the hijab properly.

In the footage that appeared on social networks, a woman cut off a horse’s tail with scissors. Protesters throw their scarves on the pyre and burn them.

There were thousands of citizens at the protests held in the streets from Tehran to Mashhad.

“Two young men were beaten by plainclothes policemen and emergency policemen, and then they were dragged into a van in front of the subway entrance,” said one of the witnesses.

“The wounded girl who was lying on the sidewalk was taken by ambulance to the hospital, and five others were arrested on the north side of Engelab Square,” said some protesters.

The videos show some protesters chanting “Women, life, freedom”. Others light bonfires, fight with police or take off and burn their headscarves and destroy posters of the country’s supreme leader and chant “Death to the dictator,” according to CNN.

The last mass protests in Iran were recorded three years ago, when the government raised gas prices.

According to the Norwegian-registered human rights organization Hengav, which monitors rights violations in Iran, at least five protesters have been killed during demonstrations in the Kurdish region over the past few days. In other cities where protests were held, another 74 citizens were injured.

According to Iranian officials, Amini died after suffering a “heart attack” and falling into a coma after her arrest.

However, her family emphasized that the girl had no heart problems.

Iranian state media released edited security camera footage showing Amini collapsing at a “re-education” center where she was taken to receive “guidance” on how to dress.

Iran’s Moral Police is part of the country’s law enforcement agency and is tasked with enforcing the Islamic Republic’s strict social rules, including a dress code that requires women to wear the hijab in public.

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