This is what the famous PIANISTA fighter of AZOV from the AZOVSTALJ steel plant looks like after his release


During the siege of Azovstal, photos of a wounded member of the extreme Azov organization appeared in the world media, who were transferred to the Territorial Defense when the war in Ukraine started.

It was about Mikhail Dianov, also known as “The Pianist”. Namely, the photographers then took a picture of him wounded with two fingers raised. That picture went around the world and became one of the symbols of the battle for Azovstal.

According to Western and Ukrainian media, the fate of Dianov was allegedly uncertain. It was known that he was in Russian captivity, and then his picture appeared again when the famous 200 was exchanged.

usia and ukraine carried out an unexpected exchange of nearly 300 prisoners on wednesday, including the commanders of the azov battalion from mariupol and ten foreigners.

Azovstalj, Mykhailo Dianov, Mikailo Danilov, Mikhilo Danilov

215 Ukrainians were released, most of whom were captured after the fall of Mariupol. Ukraine released 55 Russians and Ukrainians loyal to Moscow. On Friday, the news echoed on social networks that among the freed Ukrainians was a musician, and later the defender of Azovstal Mykhailo Diyanov, known as the Pianist.

He was wounded in the hand during the defense of a huge factory complex in Marijupolje. The Ukrainian journalist of the Censor portal posted on Facebook. NET Violeta Kirtoka, that Diyanov needs help for treatment after the Russian “treatment” in captivity. She published a shocking photo of Mikhail Diyanov’s deformed hand and stated that his wounded arm is missing 4 centimeters of bone and commented that this is the price of a Russian prison.

Twitter users who shared the photo en masse are outraged and condemn the treatment of Dianov in captivity. “They took the bandages off his arm and left it to rot. Now it’s deformed and about 4 cm of bone is missing,” said one Twitter user, saying Diyanov needed surgery.



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