Zoe Cristofoli stole the spotlight in the stands in Qatar

Photo: COLORSPORT / Sipa Press / Profimedia

The group stage of the World Cup in football is underway, and apart from the matches that are in focus, the public’s attention is often “stolen” by the beautiful women who marked this World Cup.

Among them was Zoe Christofoli, the girlfriend of the French national team player, Theo Hernandez.

France beat Australia convincingly 4-1, although it was Australia who took the lead in the ninth minute.

Zoe Cristofoli
photo: COLORSPORT / Sipa Press / Profimedia

Loyal fans followed their favorites from the stands, and photographers took pictures of a famous female face among the crowd. We are talking about the model Zoe Cristofola, the girlfriend of the French national team player Theo Hernandez, who is also an AC Milan player.

The 26-year-old co-owner of a tattoo parlor and an influencer with a million followers on Instagram met Teo, a year younger, through a mutual friend, and they went to their first dinner together in 2020. After a few months, they officially became a couple.

By the way, this is Hernandez’s first World Cup, and he replaced his brother Lucas Hernandez, a Bayern Munich player, on the field very quickly at the beginning of the game, after he suffered a rupture of the anterior articular ligament of his right knee.

By the way, Theo and Lucas were teammates at Atletico Madrid, and their paths diverged when Theo went to Real. In the summer of 2019, Lucas also left Madrid, signing a contract with Bayern.

Younger brother Theo and his chosen one Zoe had a child together in April 2022, and judging by the photos, it is a son who was also in the stands with his mother.

Although now it seems as if roses are blooming in their relationship, once the media wrote continuously about their breakups and reconciliations, and the biggest scandal was the one in the summer of 2020, when photos surfaced in which Zoe orally satisfies her partner on the deck of a yacht .

Although they thought that they were protected from the view and photographers, the next day the disputed recordings and photos very quickly saw the light of day.

But the older brother Lucas also found himself in the center of a bizarre scandal a few years ago. Namely, at that time he almost ended up in prison after violating a restraining order against his girlfriend, now wife Amelia Osi Llorente, after he was found guilty of domestic violence due to an argument in 2017.

However, four months after the sentence, the couple got married, went on their honeymoon in the Bahamas, and when they returned to Madrid, they were detained at the airport. Then the court asked that he be sentenced to one year in prison for violating the restraining order.

Of course, he did not end up in prison, and the couple is still together.

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