Fines for unpaid parking in Karlovci in the hands of private individuals from Belgrade

A reader of from Sremski Karlovac contacted us when he received a decision on execution, which had access to, according to which he must pay 600 dinars with statutory default interest, as well as execution costs in the amount of 3,643 dinars, as well as the costs of the creditor’s attorney in the amount of 9,120 dinars for “communal service performed”.

What was unusual for him, apart from the fact that he did not receive a parking fine, according to his memory, is that a private company is listed as the claimant of those funds, and not a public company in Sremski Karlovci, which normally charges for parking. Only “Belilo” has been facing a small number of employees for years, and an increased number of responsibilities, which include everything from cleaning and rehabilitating the streets, to the collection of parking and market tax, since it is the only public company in this municipality.

As learns, the company that deals with this in this municipality, JKP “Belilo” sold debts that it simply could not claim.

The public utility company “Belilo” from Sremski Karlovac assigned its claims from citizens who did not pay for parking to the company “B&Partners Investment Consulting” from Belgrade in 2021.

As stated in the Agreement on Assignment of Claims, which received through the Request for Access to Information of Public Importance, the total number of assigned claims is 506.

According to the proof of the transaction that also received from PUC “Belilo” on the basis of the Law on free access to information of public importance, the company “B&Partners Investment Consulting” paid a total of 303,600 dinars to the public company for these claims, i.e. 600 dinars per claim.

The contract was signed in December 2021, and “Belilo” received the payment in July of this year.

“B&Partners Investment Consulting” leads more than 100 disputes in which it is the plaintiff, claiming more than 160,000 dinars.

By the way, the contract with the same company was also signed by the Municipality of Inđija, that is, “Inđija-put”. As the local media wrote, this was done because this company was struggling with an increasing number of users who do not pay for parking.

Recently, the media reported that the Public Utility Company “Markets and Parking” assigned its claims from citizens who did not pay for parking to consulting agencies and law offices from all over Serbia.

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