James Bond will henceforth be in the service of His Majesty the King

James Bond will henceforth be in the service of His Majesty the King
James Bond will henceforth be in the service of His Majesty the King

Who will be the new face of James Bond is still unknown, but it is known that from now on he will be “in the service of the king and the country”, announced the producers, who are yet to start talks with Amazon about the future actor who will play the legendary agent 007 .

“We are just starting to build a relationship with Amazon, which bought the rights to the franchise from the MGM studio,” Barbara Broccoli, the historical producer of Phlegmatic Agent, told AFP.

“We haven’t started talking about the future film yet,” she added.

Broccoli and her half-brother Michael Wilson on Wednesday left their handprints in cement in front of the famous theater in Hollywood, but they did not want to reveal what future awaits agent 007, reports N1.

She is the heir to the franchise of her father, Albert “Cabby” Broccoli, the producer who began adapting Ian Fleming’s novels for the screen 60 years ago.

The casting of Daniel Craig for the role of the agent first caused controversy, as he was much less polished than his predecessors. But the five films he made in the role of Bond achieved record amounts, so for example the opus “Skyfall” earned more than a billion dollars in 2012.

It is speculated that the new twist could be the casting of a black actor, which some fans are already wishing for. Perhaps the new Bond could be a woman, as Broccoli already hinted at.

There are certain constants in the character of the Bond saga.

“The main character James Bond is the most important in the movies and we think that he is incorruptible, that he is in the service of the queen, and from now on he will be in the service of the king and the country,” she said.

Continuous innovation

The character remains the same at his core, as he is “trying to make the world a safer place,” Broccoli adds, adding that it’s something he won’t change.

Her father, Albert “Cabi” Broccoli, the founder of the franchise, always encouraged the producer to “take risks so that Bond would change with the times.”

“As successors, we try to introduce changes, sometimes ‘inflammation’, sometimes not, but this enables us to constantly be innovative”, she stressed.

Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson decide the movie fate of the 007 character from the 1995 film Goldeneye, a year before their father’s death.

Their company Eon shared the profits from the franchise with the MGM studio, which signed a complex agreement for the rights to finance and distribute the films.

However, Amazon bought MGM in March for $8.5 billion and when it comes to Bond, it’s no longer a mythical studio, but a tech giant that has launched its own streaming platform.

Amazon Prime Video has already announced that it will produce a reality TV show on the subject of Her Majesty’s most loyal servant, entitled “007’s Road to a Million”.

The audience always has expectations, but they like surprises, said Michael Wilson, who wants Bond to be a reflection of today’s world, because “what worries will the world have in two to three years? That’s why we can’t offer it the same thing, over and over again”.


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