HORROR LIVE! Famous actor found DEAD! Hands tied, wire around his neck, and this is where and how he was BURIED! (VIDEO)


Like in the scariest movie!

Jefferson Machando (44), a Brazilian actor who disappeared almost five months ago, was found buried in front of a house in Rio de Janeiro.

The tragic news was announced by a family friend on her Instagram account.

It is with great regret that we inform you that Jeff has been found dead – Cynthia Hilsendegger wrote in a heartbreaking post.

The police announced that the actor’s body was found tied and stuffed into a wooden box, which was then buried two meters underground in the yard of a private house in the Campo Grande neighborhood. He was identified based on his fingerprints.

His hands were tied behind his head – said the family’s lawyer and emphasized that the actor had a wire wrapped around his neck, indicating that he was probably strangled.

The lawyer added that the body was sprayed with some chemical so that the unpleasant smell of decomposition would not be felt.

The videos show that the coffin was dug up and pulled out by a team of nine people who first had to break the concrete floor with a drill.

Police in Brazil are looking for the man who rented the property. The unidentified suspect, who allegedly knew Machado, was last seen entering the house about a month ago.

“Jefferson was coldly and brutally killed by envious and evil people,” Hilsendeger wrote.

The discovery of the body marks the end of a saga that began after Machado, a native of Rio, disappeared in January and police said he was last seen in Campo Grande. Machado’s family only learned of his disappearance after they were an NGO informed that his eight dogs were alone in the house for days. Over the following months, however, the family received messages from someone they suspected was impersonating the actor.

Machado’s mother, María das Dores, said she found the correspondence suspicious because it was full of spelling mistakes and did not seem like she was corresponding with her son. She also stopped receiving calls from him, and a person who identified herself as Machado explained that her phone had fallen in the toilet. The family became increasingly concerned after noticing that Machado’s cloud password had been changed and that his location tracking disabled. Machado started acting in 1997 and is known for his roles in soap operas.

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