Wives of Serbian football players enchanted Qatar

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The group stage of the World Cup is slowly entering its final stage, and the passage of the Serbian national team to the round of 16 of the elite competition is still uncertain.

And while the fans “bite their nails” in the stands and near the small screens and cheer on our football players, it is certain that the support of their loved ones, especially their wives and girlfriends, means the most to them. And who are the partners of our representatives? They are models, singers, designers… and they are often in the public eye, although there is also one on the list who does not like media hype, and “spills” details about herself. However, they have one thing in common – they are all excellent beauties, whose appearance few can remain immune to.

Aleksandar and Kristina Mitrović

Many believe that the beautiful Kristina was the only one who managed to calm down Aleksandar Mitrović. The two have been together for a long time, and last year they finally said the fateful yes.

They have three children together – Nadja, Luka and Anastasia, and this Serbian football player often talks about how his family is the most important thing to him.

Kristina is two years older than the footballer, and they had their first child in 2016, when Mitrović was 22 years old. Kristina is the daughter of the famous Serbian coach Aleksandar Janjić, who coached Rad, Jagodina, Voždovac, Javor, Inđija…

And it was she who, as many believe, managed to “tame” and “calm down” the footballer who was previously very famous for his outbursts – from nervousness, kicking everything in front, to some “crazy hairstyles” and outfits.

All that is now a part of the past, and at one time Mitrović himself talked about how he met Kristina through a mutual friend, i.e. his teammate, while Kristina then stated that he tried to win her over, and after the first meeting, love exploded.

Ana and Predrag Rajković

Predrag Rajković has been in a harmonious marriage with Ana Rajković for three years and is a great support to her in the business she started at the beginning of last year. The football player allegedly decided to fulfill her dream and gave her a three-story office space in the center of the capital worth more than 250,000 euros.

– When Ana founded the footwear and clothing brands, she had no idea how much success she would achieve both in our country and throughout the Balkans. She wanted to be independent and not depend on her husband’s finances, and she succeeded in that very quickly. Although he already has a store in the city center, as well as a stand in a shopping center, he has been dreaming of a large bar for a long time. That wish was decided to be fulfilled by her husband, who a few weeks ago found a space on three floors worth 250,000 euros – the source says and reveals that Rajković spares no money in order to fulfill the greatest wish of his wife who gave birth to two sons.

Nemanja and Kristina Maksimović

Sports journalist and wife of national team player Nemanja Maksimović, Kristina Maksimović, is definitely among the best-dressed wives of soccer players in Qatar.

The Serbian beauty has so far posted several photos from sunny Doha on her Instagram profile. She showed off her stylish outfit to everyone, which we put on the list of good combinations for nicer weather, for which we will have to wait a bit.

Christina posed by the sea in a beautiful yellow dress with a flowing cut. A maxi dress that brings summer to our dreary November, Kristina styled it with a Louis Vuitton belt.

The soccer player’s wife’s second outfit is more glamorous and daring, Christina wore an oversized blazer with interesting, delicate details, along with Chanel sneakers and a white bag.

Before that, she also wore a striped one-shoulder dress with a ruffle. How feminine this edition is, the way Kristina wears it, with lush curls and understated makeup, speaks for itself.

Dušan Vlahović and the Italian Megan Fox

For a long time, Vlahović was linked with numerous famous ladies, such as Sara Jo, Elena Kitić and others, but it seems that none of that was true. According to the Italian media, Vlahović’s heart was stolen by a beautiful girl who is also called a doppelgänger of Megan Fox, and the beauty and the footballer celebrated their birthday together, which brought them closer.

Serbia, training, Aleksandar Mitrović, Dušan Vlahović
photo: @starsport

By the way, beautiful Karolina, after becoming Miss Italy, dedicated the title to her mother, who lost her battle with cancer in 2018. This beauty is followed by more than 437 thousand people on Instagram alone, and under each post you can read a lot of compliments about her appearance, which, to say the least, knocks her off her feet.

Passionate fan of “Juventus”, for which Vlahović plays, in addition to working as a model, she is a presenter of sports videos on social networks and regularly publishes interviews with famous Italian footballers.

Stramare and Vlahovic reportedly started dating right after he broke up with Mariasole Polio, another well-known Italian influencer.

Sofia Milošević and Luka Jović

Sofia and Luka are considered one of the most beautiful couples on the domestic stage. The model and fashion designer has two children with Luka – two-year-old Alexey and Theodore, who is not yet a year old.

They are preparing a wedding soon, and it seems that the couple is ready for a third child, judging by some comments. By the way, Sofia also traveled to Qatar with the little ones to cheer on their father, which we have no doubt means a lot to Luki.


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Sofia Milošević created chaos in Qatar


Sofia Milošević created chaos in Qatar



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