In the “My First Salary” program, you can earn up to 30,000 dinars

10,313 employers from all over Serbia applied to participate in this year’s “My First Salary” program, who need a total of 26,905 young interns for 18,006 different job positions, announced the National Employment Service (NES).

photo: Saša Džambic

All approved employer positions will be published on the “My First Salary” portal.

For these positions will young people up to 30 years old, with at least secondary education and no work experience, be able to apply from October 3 to 31 on the website

Up to 10,000 young people are planned to be included in the program this year. The program will be implemented at the employer, in the private and public sector, for a duration of nine months.

During the duration of the program, the NES will make monthly payments to young people with secondary education will receive a monetary compensation in the amount of 25,000 dinars, while young people with higher education will be paid 30,000 dinarswith the payment of contributions in case of occupational injury and occupational disease, announced the NES.


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