Russia and China must raise cooperation to a higher level


RAISING cooperation between Moscow and Beijing to a new level is very important, Russian Prime Minister Miḫail Mishustin pointed out today after the end of his visit to China, during which he had the opportunity to talk with Chinese President Xi Jinping and other prominent Chinese officials.

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– It is very important that we move forward in order to raise the interaction to a new level. I am drawing attention to the fact that everything that the leaders of the states agreed on earlier must be put into practice and lead to concrete results – said Mishustin.

He assessed that the relations between China and Russia are becoming stronger, which has been talked about by many Russian and Chinese officials for a long time, even before the start of the Special Military Operation.

– Our countries are connected by historical friendship and mutual respect. They are still getting stronger, despite all the sanctions and everything our opponents are doing – said the Russian Prime Minister.


Yesterday, during the visit of the Russian delegation to Beijing, the Chinese leader pointed out that China is ready to continue supporting Russia in all those issues that are extremely important for both countries.

(RT Balkan)

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