I chose the most beautiful profession in the world

Iva Marcano, Photo: PR Center

This is the best choice I made in my life, because I chose the most beautiful profession in the world.

With these words, Iva Marcano, a new conducting name in Montenegro, began her story after she performed for the first time at a concert with the Montenegrin Symphony Orchestra (CSO).

As the PR center writes, her performance was followed by thunderous applause and ovations from the audience.

Conducted by Marcano, who is a postgraduate conducting student in the class of prof. Igor Simović at the Academy of Music in Cetinje, in the Great Hall of the Music Center of Montenegro, the compositions “Concerto for trumpet, piano and string orchestra in C minor op. 35” by Dmitri Shostakovich and “Symphony in D minor” by Cesar Frank were performed.

Iva Marcano
photo: PR Center

The first trumpet of the CSO, Aleksandar Arsić, and pianist Amir Džaković, full professor at the University of Arts in Tirana, performed as soloists at the concert.

After the concert, Marcano said that together with the orchestra, she transferred the work and energy from the rehearsals to the audience.

“This is my first big project with the CSO, it’s a great honor for me. I hope it won’t be the last performance,” said Marcano.

Speaking about the repertoire, Marcano clarified that it is about works from late romanticism and the 20th century.

“It was challenging, because the pieces are stylistically different. But, on the other hand, I had professional musicians at the concert and I knew that by choosing these pieces, it could be a very good concert,” said Marcano.

She said that the orchestra reacted positively to the idea of ​​her performing with them, stating that they received her warmly and that it was a wonderful collaboration.

“When you have a professional orchestra, it’s not difficult to work with them. The idea to collaborate was supported by all the musicians of the orchestra. It was painstaking work, but with a lot of laughter, joy and a nice atmosphere,” says Marcano.

When asked if she has any plans to continue cooperation with the CSO, given that the orchestra does not have a chief conductor, Marcano said that she cannot reveal plans at this time.

“There is a shortage of conductors in Montenegro. It would be nice if other institutions were involved to support this story and to produce more conductors in the future,” said Marcano.

Marcano explained that in addition to the General Music Pedagogy course that she studied at the initiative of Professor Igor Simović, she also enrolled in the Orchestra Conducting course.

Aleksandar Arsić said that the impressions after the concert were excellent, as well as that there was a great atmosphere at the rehearsals while they were preparing the concert.

“I think the audience could feel that positive energy. As members of the orchestra, we are extremely satisfied. The most important thing is that Montenegro and the region got a new conductor name, which I hope will be heard more widely – Ivo Marcano”, he said. is Arsic.

Commenting on Shostakovich’s composition, in which he had a soloist interpretation, Arsić said that it was a demanding work.

“His work is like music for a cartoon, like a musical play, where different emotions are shown – from lyrical playing to a circus-like, bandit-like one. So Shostakovich is a challenge in itself. I had an easier part, because the concerto is primarily for piano , a trumpet was added, and there was also a string orchestra in which each group of instruments had solo parts. So it was a chamber concert, in which we all breathed together and it was felt,” said Arsić.

Iva Marcano
photo: PR Center

Amir Džaković pointed out that the impressions after the concert were extraordinary.

“It gives me great pleasure to play with the CSO, because part of the orchestra is my generation, which studied at Cetinje,” said Džaković.

Speaking about Shostakovich’s composition, in which he had a soloist interpretation, Džaković said that it is a very demanding piece that does not give such an impression at first glance.

“When the tempo of the composition increases, it starts to be demanding. It’s an unusual work,” said Džaković.

Speaking about the collaboration with the conductor, Džaković said that the preparation for the concert was excellent, stating that before that they had a friendly relationship, and that this was the first professional collaboration.

Three more concerts await the audience in the pre-season of the Music Center of Montenegro, and the opening of the XVI season will be on September 30, when the CSO will be led by the prominent Italian conductor Alessandro Caddario.



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